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How To Be A Yoga Pro

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Everyone is doing yoga these days. The practice of yoga has been opened up to everyone. Children are being taught yoga in schools and vets are even offering yoga to pets. As yoga continues to grow and be a tool for creating calmness and wellbeing in our world, it is up to us as yoga teachers and studio owners to keep yoga professional. Yoga is a profession. Great Yoga teachers train hard and travel far to bring these life changing teachings home to their students. So, it’s important to honor these treasured teachings. Take your yoga practice and teaching seriously. Become a Yoga Professional.

Here are 5 steps to becoming the ultimate yoga professional:

1. First And Foremost, Be On Time

Being on time means arriving at least 15-20 minutes early for your classes so you can set up the space, be there to connect with students and answer questions. Please know how to use the credit card machine. Rolling in 5 minutes before your class is unprofessional.

2. Be Prepared!

Boy and Girl scouts have this concept down to a science. Come with a class plan and be ready to deviate from that plan if it’s not working. Theme your classes around every day occurrences like finding balance and taking time for yourself.

3. Diversify Your Teachings

Be able to teach many different types of classes. It gives you more opportunities to teach. Know what you’re teaching, especially if you are subbing a class for someone. Make sure you are able to teach an arm balance flow if that’s the class you are subbing.

4. Smile And Say Please

Engaging your students and making your class warm and inviting goes a long way to keeping your students in your class and on the mat.

5. Market Yourself

You want people to come to your classes? Tell people where and what you are teaching. Invite to come and share the experience through blogging, social media, email and newsletters. Yoga is amazing and everyone should do it!

Yoga is a time honored practice which has created a whole new culture of awareness and consciousness. We should respect its place in history and in our communities by honoring this profession for the wonderful good it does. Go ahead become a yoga professional on and off the mat. Be part of this consciousness revolution that is changing the world!

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