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How it Really Feels to Walk Into a New Yoga Studio

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Walking into a new yoga studio can be, by far, one of the most intimidating experiences ever.

Whether you are a beginner yogi or a seasoned practitioner, the thought of walking into a new studio can be pretty overwhelming. (Trust me, I know.) Right from the moment you step into the studio, it’s not uncommon for the brain to kick into overdrive — bombarding you with ten thousand thoughts including, but not limited to:

yoga studio1

yoga studio2

Everyone else seems to know where to put their bags, and where to leave their shoes. You walk into the studio and it feels like everyone has their “spot” — you definitely don’t want to put your mat in some regular’s “space,” but you also don’t want to be in the front!

Panic sets in. What if this class is too advanced for you? Everyone in here seems so "professional!" What if you can’t do the poses? You probably haven’t worn the right “yogi clothes.” You should’ve just stayed at home! Oh good, now you’re sweating and the class hasn’t even started.

But here’s the thing, once you get on your mat and start to move, you bring your mind to the breath — and realize in that moment of connection, that all those things don’t matter: the yoga pants, the poses, the place to put your mat.

The thought that everyone is looking at you for not knowing where to put your shoes is completely absurd — not only because those things are completely irrelevant, but because (more than likely), everyone else is too busy trying to deal with the thoughts in their own heads!

So, arrive at your new yoga studio and know that you are not alone. Know that it is nothing to do with feeling cool enough or wearing the right clothes, yoga is about the moments that connect your mind to the body, with the breath. And if you find yourself one day as an “old-hat” at your local studio, offer a friendly smile to a stranger when you meet their eye:

yoga studio3

Because you never know what is going through their head —

yoga studio4

How did you cope with switching to a new yoga studio? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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