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Here’s the 30-Minute Playlist That’ll Get You Up and Moving

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Summer is here and with that, you might notice that you have a bit more energy to get you up and moving. I notice that in the summer, with the extra light and sun, I feel more motivated for high energy workouts. The other essential piece for motivation is the perfect playlist. I want something to keep me inspired and to match the pace of workout—whether that be running, a fast-paced yoga flow, or my new favorite way to move…dancing! Here are my picks for a 30 minute playlist to get you up and moving. 

These are the links to YouTube and Spotify.

Higher Love – Kygo remix featuring Whitney Houston



There are so many versions of this song out there, and for good reason. It is a feel good, empowering, hopeful tune and with Kygo’s influence, it’s a perfect song to move to. This song starts a bit slower and builds, which makes it a good way to warm up before you get moving.


Juice – Lizzo



If you haven’t added at least one Lizzo song to your workout playlist yet, you are seriously missing out. Lizzo’s music combines self-love anthems with fierce girl power. The upbeat tempo will keep you moving while the lyrics will remind you that you and your body are powerful. 


Perm – Bruno Mars



Moving your body should be fun, and that’s exactly what this song is. It’s confidence-boosting, it’s catchy, it’s impossible not to move to it! 


Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis



To me, this is a perfect summer song. It makes you feel like you’re at a beach party without a care in the world. Just when you think the beat won’t drop again, it does, and the energy just continues to build. It’s an ideal mid-workout song. 


I Did Something Bad – Taylor Swift



I’m not ashamed to say that I will start dancing to literally any Taylor Swift song, but this one makes me feel particularly badass. It’s about owning up to your flaws and not apologizing for being yourself. That’s a nice reminder that however you choose to move your body, you can own it.


Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay



At this point in your workout, the endorphins are probably flowing and life seems pretty sweet. This is usually the point where I start to get some really big hits of creativity and inspiration and want to hear a song that makes me feel like anything is possible. This song is a celebration of life that exudes joy (which hopefully mirrors the way you feel). 


Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen



You’re feeling good now and just need that little push to get you to the end of your workout. Don’t stop me now, it’s in the title, enough said.


Back in My Body – Maggie Rogers



You did it, you moved your body, you did something that makes you feel good and strong, and now it’s time to cool down and celebrate yourself. Maggie Rogers’ music is magical and this song is my absolute favorite way to end a workout. It’s a song of gratitude that comes from being present with yourself, coming home to your body, and embodying your own power. 


There you have it, 30 minutes of pure joy to get you moving. I hope this playlist inspires you as much as it does me. If you need me, I’ll be dancing to it on repeat. 


Image Credit: Juan Pablo Rodriguez

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