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The Gift Of 10 Minutes

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Everyone is too busy for their lives these days. It’s so hard to stay on track and to meet all our commitments in the 24 hours that each day brings us. We rush, multitask and over schedule ourselves all the time. At the end of the day we are stressed, overwhelmed and tired; we have absolutely no time for ourselves. What if I told you that 10 minutes a day is all you need to live a skillful more balanced life?

It’s true…10 minutes of yoga and meditation can change your outlook on life. Devoting 10 minutes to yourself can make you calmer, more focused, less stressed and more productive. One of my greatest asana teachers was John Friend (barring his bad deeds and huge ego he was still a great asana teacher) He bestowed upon his teachers the GIFT of 10 minutes. Just practice 10 minutes every day and see where it takes you. This is one of the greatest gifts I ever learned in my yoga practice and teachings. I learned I am worth 10 minutes. I can set aside 10 minutes in the busiest days of my life to devote to my happiness and wellbeing.

Practicing asana or meditation for 10 minutes every day can ground you. It keeps you focused and healthy. 10 Minutes of Asana or meditation practice is essential to navigating a busy life. The only way to do this practice is just to do it. Ignore the excuses and take the time to practice. You have 10 minutes. You can afford 10 minutes. You are worth 10 minutes.

Here is how you start. Set a timer for 10 minutes; roll out your mat or stand in the grass and take a deep exhilarating breath. Feel your feet touch the earth, feel your breath in your lungs, stretch your spine and there you are in the moment.

Start slowly and simply with a few sun salutes. Sun salutes are the perfect practice. They offer a spine stretch, a forward bend, a back bend, a strength pose and an opportunity to move and breathe with a moment of time. You can do this. It feels good. Before you know it 10 minutes becomes 20 minutes and you just feel better.

You can do this…and I challenge you to try. Just 10 minutes of yoga or meditation every single day for 1 month.. It will change your life! Let me know how it goes…

Are you ready for 10 minutes of yoga every day for one month?

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