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Free Yoga Classes to be Offered in the Boston Public Library

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All the yogis who love a good book, please raise your hands. Because this one's for you.

Starting mid-January, the Boston Public Library will be offering free yoga classes for a month in the Abbey Room of the McKim Building.

Yoga in a Library

Usually the Abbey Room, at the library's main branch in Copley Square, is reserved for book readings, but soon the room will be given a taste of the yogic life.

This seems like an awesome place to get your Down Dog on. The room is lined with murals called "The Quest and Achievement of the Holy Grail" by artist Edwin Austin Abbey, and has an antique marble fireplace, along with a beamed ceiling inspired by the Doge's Palace in Venice.

Michael Colford, director of library services said, “It’s a beautiful, tranquil room. We think it’s going to be the perfect atmosphere for this type of event.”

“It’s very serene,” he went on. “There were a couple of rooms available, but we felt this room was a really great space for yoga.”

The Yoga Classes

The classes will be offered every Tuesday starting January 12, and ending on February 16 at 12pm. Each class is one hour long, and will be taught by Rebecca Pacheco of The Abbey Room can hold about fifty people, so the classes will fill on a first-come, first-served basis.

If the yoga program is popular, the library will consider extending the dates of the yoga classes, or offering it again at a later date.

There's nothing like doing yoga in a beautiful space, and for book lovers, doing it in a library is particularly cool. I for one could spend all day in a library, and even more so if there's yoga involved. So enjoy, Boston yogis!

Source: Boston Globe

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