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4 Ways To Be Your Own Yogi Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is exhausting. You will see last-minute lovers picking through what’s left of cards, flowers, and candy on the very day of. While the holiday can put a significant amount of pressure on those both in and out of relationships, why not set aside some time to treat yourself? No cards or dinner reservations required.

1) Enjoy The Silence (Or The Sounds)

Whether you’re practicing yoga, or simply enjoying a late night cup of hot tea, take a moment to surround yourself with nothing at all. Bask in the moment; in the stillness and peacefulness that is so rare. Or if you choose to find your relaxation outside or through music, stop for a moment and actually listen. Allow yourself the time to appreciate the sounds of crickets chirping late at night or the wind blowing. So often we deprive ourselves an escape from the busy noise of everyday life, that a few moments of silence or perhaps our favorite sounds, might be a much needed escape.

2) Nourish Your Body

I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to rushing through the day and failing to be intentional about the food and drinks that I give myself. If it’s a Tuesday, it’s got to fit in my purse, or be able to be heated up in the microwave. If it’s a Friday, it’s probably take-out. But we all know we need more than that. Whether it’s freshly made vegetable or fruit juice, lean proteins, or your favorite berries with a side of dark chocolate – take a day to be intentional about what you give yourself. Make it matter and let it all be with a purpose. That purpose might not be the same for all of us. Perhaps it’s taking in the nutrients that our quick snacks and meals are often void of; but maybe it’s also taking a moment to appreciate a sweet treat that we usually deprive ourselves of. Whatever it is, enjoy it.

3) Indulge in Deep, Delicious Stretches

If nothing else, practicing yoga has shown me the importance of stretching my body on a regular basis. So often we spend the day hunched over at our desks, typing away, or engaging in other activities that put strain on our bodies. Roll out your mat, and find your way into your favorite yoga stretches. Take a moment to breathe into each movement and reconnect with the way your muscles feel, paying particular attention to areas that feel particularly tight or in need of additional attention.

4) Relax

Easier said than done, I know. We don’t all have the time (or the money, for that matter) to set aside time to get a massage or other spa treatment on a regular basis. However, a friend once told me a powerful analogy that led me to believe in the importance of setting aside time for yourself every so often for treats such as these: You maintain your house, you maintain your car – you maintain all things external to yourself that you live in or spend much of your time in. But what’s more important than maintaining the body that we spend each and every day in? If your muscles are sore (see above), they’re telling you something. If your skin is dry or irritated – it’s telling you something. Carve out some time, and listen.

And for bonus points, just because it’s the season – don’t forget to engage in some self-love. You are pretty fantastic, after all. Don’t forget to remind yourself of that.

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