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Embrace the Yang (PHOTOS)

Yoga | Yoga for Beginners

I wanted to create something that showed the yang side of yoga; less beautiful yogini meditating on the beach, less longhaired tattoo yogi in a gentle forward fold, and more what a vinyasa class feels like–strong, sweaty, and powerful.

Man in Lunge with a Twist

There is beauty in yin style yoga and in focusing on yin in your yang practice. There is also beauty in embracing the yang.

Man in Side Angle

This self-portrait photo shoot was about capturing that feeling; the light with dark, the Ida with Pingala, and the yin with the yang. #embracetheyang

Man in Lunge

Man doing Yoga

Man in Mountain Pose

Man doing Yoga

Man in Seated Pose

Man in Lunge

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
Featured in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and VOGUE

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