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Did You Know These Airlines Offer In-Flight Yoga Tutorials?

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While travel is amazing, getting to your destination can be a real pain, both literally and figuratively. Getting stuck in an airport is no fun, and the cramped plane seats can be a special challenge all on their own.

Now, a team of airlines has produced two in-flight yoga tutorials to help ease your travel woes.

Get Moving While Seated!

SkyTeam, an organization of twenty airlines including Delta, KLM, KoreanAir, and AirFrance, were looking for a way to increase flyer satisfaction and health, and found yoga to be the best way to get people feeling better onboard.

Teaming up with Iyengar yoga teacher Asaf Hacmon out of Amsterdam, SkyTeam produced two videos for your viewing pleasure: one for while you’re onboard, and another you can do while you’re waiting for your flight or during a layover.


Fatima de Gloria, Brand and Communications Director for SkyTeam says, “For passengers using our routine while onboard, there’s no Downward Dog or Plank involved, just very simple yoga exercises that don’t intrude on other passenger’s space.”

It’s really true. You don’t need to have your asana in the aisle to get your yoga on. Hacmon, who used to travel frequently for business, used his past expertise to develop this series of simple movements, which can be done from your seat, no matter which class you’re flying.

Staying Healthy in the Air

One of the best parts of these videos, though, is that in-flight yoga assists your circulation. This can help prevent blood clots from forming, which is a risk when flying for long distances (generally over four hours). So if you’re on a long-haul flight, pop a baby aspirin and complete these simple poses to get your circulation flowing better, even if you’re sitting.

From simple leg stretches, to giving your neck and shoulders a little love, these short classes make your flight that much more enjoyable, even before the drink cart comes around.

Your in-flight entertainment just got that much better.

Do you have any tips for long distance travel? What do you do on long, cramped flights? Share with us below!

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