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Dear Body, A Love Letter

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Dear Body,

I owe you an apology. I have been unfair to you, and at times even downright cruel.

I have set you up for failure by asking you to do the impossible: to be perfect. For so long, I have held you up against a standard of beauty that doesn’t truly exist. I have been mislead by the media and a culture that profits on self-hate while you, in all your love and beauty, have become the victim of my ignorance.

My vision has been cloaked by a veil of injustice, but now I see the light, and I am so sorry. It is my honest and most sincere pledge to do right by you.

Now That I Know Better, I Will Do Better!

You see body, I now realize that the images that proliferate mainstream media, the ideals marketed to me by corporations, and the destructive diet culture, have all been manufactured and mass produced for profit. This consumer culture has been designed from a place of greed and selfishness and not from a place of love and health.

If I continue to hate and criticize you, then hate wins. If I continue to torment you and ignore your signals, then the individuals and corporations that make money off of a lack of self-knowledge and self-worth, will ultimately prosper. You see body, they don’t see you like I see you.

Thank You, Body.

So thank you for being a beautiful vessel for my divine soul. Thank you for letting me be me — just as I am without ever asking me to be something that I am not.

Each and every morning you wake up and allow me to experience my own precious human life. No matter how many times I abuse you, starve you, belittle you and harm you, you are still here for me. You never let me down, and you support me no matter what. It may not be the way I want it be, but you do it in the best way that you can.

My dear body, I appreciate you, I love you, and I promise to show you more compassion and love. You are the only way in which I can experience this miracle of life. You are deserving of my love and not my criticism, and so I promise to treat you better.

I Love You, Body.

Please forgive me for not seeing your beauty or your value, and for all the ways in which I have tortured and belittled you. I am sincerely sorry for failing to love you as much as you love me.

From this day forward, I will put you first by showing you the love and respect you deserve. I will honor and appreciate each day that I spend with you.

My body, thank you for being here, for supporting me, and for loving me. We are in this together, and it’s time for just to join together, because honestly, I have big plans for us!

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