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Conan O’Brien Gets Down with Down Dog (VIDEO)

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Actor and comedian Gabriel Iglesias lost 110 pounds recently and went on Conan to talk about it. His secret? Yoga, of course—to be specific, something called “DDP Power Yoga,” which is one of the approximately 8,000 variations of yoga that exist today. (Disclaimer: there are probably not actually 8,000 variations of yoga. Maybe 7,000.)

Iglesias, who has type 2 Diabetes, was advised to lose weight by his doctor and has since become an enthusiastic advocate of yoga’s ability to not just spur weight loss, but also to increase mobility and core strength.

He busted out some moves on Conan, and so did Conan O’Brien himself, in a heartwarming moment that may or may not have involved blood-filled pants. Check out the video!

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