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Bachelorette Parties are Becoming More Zen

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No hangovers or plastic penises here! Bachelorette parties are becoming a little more Zen, with more and more single ladies turning toward yoga and wellness parties, rather than crazy nights out.

The trend of “Zen Hen parties” is on the rise according to the Daily Mail, and it could be due to a larger focus on health and wellness.

Focus on Relaxation

Instead of going out to strip clubs and raves, where everything is penis-shaped and the alcohol is free-flowing, brides-to-be and their friends are instead going to yoga classes, spas, and even knitting circles.

The new, health-conscious bachelorette parties are more about bonding with friends and celebrating girl-time, then it is about crazy stories and how drunk you can be.

“Zen Hens”

“Healthy Hens,” as they’re called by the Australian studio who offers them, Sangha Sisters, involve yoga classes, vegan snacks, smoothies, a massage therapist to offer head and neck massages, and wine and champagne (it’s not all completely serious!). The experience is designed to celebrate the bride and her friends, and leave them feeling great afterwards.

Tanya McNaughtan, the owner of Sangha Sisters says, “We wanted to offer a hens party that nurtures, and connects the guests with each other, while giving the bridal party some great take home ideas for keeping stress levels down leading up to the big day.”

Trading the vodka for vinyasas sounds like an awesome bachelorette party to us!

Have you had a Zen bachelorette party? Share your story with us below!

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