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An Anti-Resolution for 2015

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We're now in the latter half of January, and this is the stage where a lot of people's well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions get dropped. When we fail to commit to our big, bold goals, however, it’s not laziness; it’s an absence of self-love.

A Lack of Self-Worth

If you don't feel worthy, if your self-esteem is shot, if you’re constantly putting others first and harshly judging your choices and actions, there’s no way you’re going to prioritise that New Year’s resolution. Deep down, you don't deem yourself worthy of taking care of yourself and of experiencing true happiness.

I love a good resolution as much as you do. I’m deeply into goals even though I haven’t the faintest idea of how to accomplish them. I make the sexiest-looking vision boards. Dreaming and scheming about the future and how awesome it’s going to be is pretty much my favourite recreational activity.

But in the flurry of cleansing, detoxing, wiping the slate clean, and the attempts to fulfill the sparkly promises we made in the New Year, we often forget one important thing: noticing what’s already going great. I guarantee you that there are some things going amazingly well in your life already.

Focusing on the Positive

As an anti-resolution, simply find some quiet space, and rather than day dreaming about how you’re going to have the best body, the most successful business, or the most incorrigible positive attitude, notice what’s going remarkably well.

It can be as simple as your hair looking always fabulous, or how you can’t remember the last time you’ve suffered from a headache. Noticing what’s already great in your life will help you focus on the present moment.

I do believe in looking back and analysing how to fix what didn’t work. However, often we’re so busy making improvements on ourselves that we completely ignore the parts of our lives that are already going well.

This year, don’t take what’s working in your life for granted. Take time to notice about the abundance you have all around, and watch as this brings you an even more wonderful 2015!

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