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A Home Yogi’s Guide To Using Props

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Using props as part of your yoga practice allows you to deepen your practice and explore with new and different variations of asana postures. In our home practice, we have more freedom to use props in unique ways, and to linger where we need and want to, in order to create an experience in each posture and in our practice overall.

Whether you have a home yoga studio or a corner of your living room, you’ll find this guide to props as a great starting point into exploring with props or their household counterparts!


The home stand-in: a pillow

101: Bolsters are used as a staple in restorative classes and also are a key complement to seated postures and relaxation-centric poses.

For fun: Begin and end your practice with the use of a bolster under your ankles, knees, hips, or back in a supine position.


The home stand-in: books

101: Blocks heighten or bring the poses up to you, allow you to take more restful or renewing variations, and serve as a lift.

For fun: Slide a block underneath your sacrum for support in Bridge pose, invite a block into your standing series, and practice your arm balances with a block between your forearms.


The home stand-in: a blanket

101: Blankets keep us warm, allow us to feel grounded, and are an important part to restorative postures and seated poses.

For fun: Take your twists and explore pranayama with the lift of a blanket. When it’s time to come to Savasana, use the blanket as a way to rest more into the final posture.


The home stand-in: a tie or belt

101: Straps help you find more length, bridge together variations of poses, and help bind.

For fun: Strap your legs together at Legs Up The Wall, use as a tool to explore Dancer pose, or use as a bind aid to deepen your twisting.

What is your favorite prop to use during your home practice?

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