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9 Reasons The Best Yoga Class Is The One You Actually Go To

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Signing up for yoga gives us such a rush of wellbeing. Buying the term pass. Going buying cute new yoga clothes. A new mat bag. It’s so exciting at the beginning as we connect with that image of ourselves as a yogi, skin glowing, our hair blowing in the breeze as we walk tall out of our class as “someone who does yoga”. We all want to be that girl! And yet…sometimes we start with such good intentions and yet over the weeks and months, life gets busy and our promise to ourselves can fall by the wayside. Here’s a few tips on how to keep committed for the long hall, to make your yoga practice a regular and integral part of your week, even when life gets busy!

1. Your Weekly Class Is An Hour And A Quarter, 75 Minutes

That’s 0.74% of your week. If you can’t give yourself 0.74% of your own time in a week for your own wellbeing then you have problems way more serious than a missed class!

2. Remember The Reason You Signed Up For Class In The First Place

Write it down. Remember why that commitment was important to you. It still is right? Long term important rather than the short term important thing you were going to miss class for? Recommit to your Spiritual Fuel, your WHY, the reason you signed up in the first place.

3. Committing To Your Yoga Practice Is Committing To Your Own Value

It demonstrates to others, and to yourself, that your time and your body are important. It role models this to your children, your partner and your colleagues that you believe you are worth it.

4. Location. Location. Location.

Not particularly spiritual but there we are! If your class is too far away, not fitting your schedule or a nightmare to park, then switch it up for one that is local and easy. At the end of the day the best class yoga class for you is the one you actually go to. Regularly.

5. Be That Girl

Think about how different you feel when you are that person that honour’s themselves by making time for class. Think about how much you like being that person who is a yogi or does yoga.

6. Reward Yourself For Going If You Need To

Bribes don’t just work on small children, yo! If the amazing feeling you get when you leave class isn’t enough today, then bribe yourself with another treat to get yourself there. A long hot bubble bath. A pedicure. A phone call to your bestie. Whatever it takes to over come the inertia and get you on the mat.

7. Turn Up Regardless

If you are tired, headachey, just not in the mood, turn up anyway. Tell yourself you will give it half an hour, and then if you are really not feeling better you can sneak out. Just turn up on a promise for 30 minutes. 99 times out of 100 after half an hour you will be feeling great, be so glad you are there and stay for the whole duration.

8. Let The Energy Of The Group Pull You Through

Get there, get your mat out and then just let the positive flowing energy that surrounds you work it’s magic. You are not on your own. Come connect with your people and by doing that with yourself.

9. Remember That The Only Bad Yoga Class Is The One That Didn’t Happen

It doesn’t matter how you do, just that you do.

So: no excuses right? Remember one class is just 0.74% of your week. Don’t you deserve that time? Less than a percent of your time dedicated to your renewal, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically? The only bad class is the one that doesn’t happen, so get on your mat and make it happen.

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