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5 Hilarious Yoga Memes to Cheer You Up

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Feeling a little down? We’ve got the perfect picker-upper right here.

Yogis, like most people, love a good meme. And what better way to make a yogi laugh out loud than a meme slathered in delicious yoga humor?

Here are a few hilarious and relatable yoga memes to cheer you up and get you giggling.

1. When yummy baked goods > unpleasant moments

cookie cartoon

2. When you haven’t been to yoga in a while

hilarious yoga memes 5

Image credit: Gemma Correll 

3. When you’re pretty good at some asanas…

t-rex loves sirsasana

4. …but just can’t seem to get the hang of others

t-rex hates chaturanga

5. When you take your mat with you wherever you go, “just in case”

lady in mat-shaped hat

There’s loads of hilarious yoga memes out there, which one’s your favorite? Share them with us in the comments below!

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