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8 Uplifting Mantras to Reboot Your Day

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It's natural to feel a bit low at one point during the day, whether it be at work, school, or wherever you might find yourself during the day. Sometimes, the day even starts out on a low point. In times like these, pause and reboot.

When focus and sight is lost, take a deep inhale and full exhale. Sometimes simply the action of refreshing the body with oxygen is enough. Other times, we need a little bit more.

A mantra is a phrase or word repeated continually to aid in concentration or meditation. Mantras slow down our minds by giving us words to zone in on, so that our brains are reined in from outside distractions and worries.

Here are uplifting mantras you can try that will help get you through the day. Choose one, all, or any variation of them – whatever resonates with you. Repeat your mantras with an inhale and exhale (or inhales and exhales), let them soak into your mind and body, and notice the changes.

1. I am passionate, and I am purposeful.

passion and purpose

Take a moment to recognize the passions in your life, and the fact that you are here for the purpose to fulfill your passions, everyday.

2. I shine my light and follow my bliss. This day brings me joy.

let your light shine

You are a bright, bright star. Shine your light for all to see, and feel the light of this new day shining back on you.

3. I am fully present in this day.

be here now

Tune in and focus. Despite whatever else is going on around us, take each moment for what it is – a fleeting moment. Allow yourself to live each moment to its fullest.

4. I draw from my inner light and strength. I tap into my power.

light shines from within

When we feel weak, tired, exhausted, and totally done with the day, remember how much you have to give. Dig deep to find your power reserve – a bright, blazing light. Access this potential and notice the drive and motivation it gives you.

5. I nurture my spirit, and my spirit nourishes me.

nourish your soul

Reflect on the things you do in your life to fulfill you. Recognize how those things bring you bliss.

6. I believe in me. I trust myself.

believe in yourself

Believe in your passions, your purpose, your light, your bliss, your strength, your power, your spirit. Trust yourself and go for it.

7. I am enough.

Credit: Lisa Renée Credit: Lisa Renée

Through it all, you are enough. You are enough.

8. The universe has my back.

universe has your back

You have everything you need within you to succeed. While you go out to conquer the world, know that the universe has got your back.

These mantras have plenty of room for expansion. If other words come to you, expand on them to make the mantra your own.

These mantras are a form of positive affirmations, and they are effective because the more you shine your light, the more light reflects back to you. The more positivity you exude, the more positivity returns back to you and wonderful things will unfold before you, every day. What’s your favorite mantra?


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