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8 Signs You’re Definitely an Introvert

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It’s not easy being an introvert in an extrovert’s world. Whether it’s a loud office party, an overbooked social calendar, or a long ride on public transportation, modern life is filled with obstacles for the introverted soul.

The good news for us introverts is that we’re not alone!

It turns out that half the population is introverted to one degree or another. Introverts aren’t just the quiet kids on the edge of the party. In fact, many introverts aren’t quiet at all, and even the most outgoing person you know might be an introvert on the inside.

Introverts come in all sorts of packages, but here are a few unmistakable signs that you’re one of us.

1. After big social gatherings, you need to sit in the dark by yourself.

Credit: 3e3e on Tumblr Credit: 3e3e on Tumblr

Social situations naturally focus your energies outward. This can be super draining for us introverts, who recharge our “batteries” by turning our emotional energy inward. That’s why you might see us scamper off into a quiet, dimly lit room (preferably with a bottle of wine) after a long day of socializing.

2. You secretly rejoice when your friends cancel plans.

Credit: Hollywood Credit: Hollywood

Contrary to popular belief, introverts aren’t anti-social. We love being with other people! We even love parties (in moderation). But for introverts, nothing beats cozying up at home in your favorite pair of yoga pants.

3. You wear headphones in public to avoid interacting with strangers.

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

No, I’m not listening to music. I just really, really don’t want to be drawn into your awkward conversation.

4. You don’t have friends—you have besties!

Credit: Wifflegif Credit: Wifflegif

What would any introvert do without her besties (Sit home alone every night, probably)? While extroverts come equipped with an entourage, introverts are somewhat choosier. We don’t just make friends with anyone, but when we find someone we connect with, we’ll be your best friend for life.

5. A world without text messaging or email is your worst nightmare.

Credit: Gurl Credit: Gurl

Once upon a time, people had to actually talk on the phone. And it was awful, all the time. What is it about talking on that phone that’s so stressful for introverts? Maybe it’s the forced intimacy of a one-on-one conversation, or the fact that the other person can’t see your body language.

Whatever the reason, introverts are often much more comfortable expressing themselves through written word—so thank goodness for the 21st century!

6. Some of your best friends are books.

Credit: Freebooksy Credit: Freebooksy

Or movies, or music, or solitary games. Solitary activities like these provide plenty of space to recharge. Come between an introvert and her favorite book at your own risk.

7. Daydreaming is one of your favorite hobbies.

Credit: BuzzFeed Credit: BuzzFeed

Wait, sorry—did you say something? I was just imagining would it would be like to live on the moon…

8. You know that being an introvert is actually pretty great.

Credit: Gurl Credit: Gurl

Sure, big crowds can be overwhelming for us. But what’s better than being able to enjoy your own company? Nothing, that’s what! We introverts are pretty awesome, after all.


Count ‘em up! How many of these signs apply to YOU? What’s your favorite thing about being an introvert? Let us know in the comments!

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