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7 Ways to Be Healthy at Work

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New Year, New You? Yes! You have your workout regimen planned, you have your food lists made, maybe you even have a cleanse to start you off on the right foot, and a friend to back you up.

But what about maintaining this “New You?” What about when you get to work, it gets busy, and you start craving those old habits that are so easy to sink into? How will you avoid the candy from the gas station on the ride home? The 3pm coffee fix or the 11am pre-lunch munchies? What about that old desk slouch, and finally, the dreaded, “I’m tired, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow instead” routine?

Well, let's not sink into old habits simply because you’re at work! Here are a few tried and true ways to maintain that healthy new regime that you have all planned out while you are hard at work earning the cheese — I mean lettuce…

1. Always Eat Breakfast

Oats, eggs, bran, seeds, yogurt… Whatever it is you are planning, make sure you eat before work, as it will keep your energy level up.

Staying energetic will encourage your determination. This is key to maintaining your new healthful lifestyle when things get stressful at work.

2. Take a Walk

Get outside if you can. This will re-inspire your workday, rinse out excess stress hormones, and provide you with some much-needed movement.

If it is hard for you to leave the building, walk around the office! Say “hi” to some people, or run a note to someone in person rather than emailing it to them.

3. Bring Healthy Snacks

All those ideas you have for healthy food? Don’t just bring them for lunch; pack some up in a separate lunch box for snacking on.

If you keep your blood sugar up throughout the day, you will not only curb cravings and stop reaching for those forbidden items, but you will also heighten your metabolism!

4. Do Yoga

When you can’t leave your desk, try looking up a few “Chair yoga” moves, like Cow Face, or Eagle Arms.

Stretching will replenish the blood flow to your limbs and open your upper body after hunching over your keyboard, paperwork, or phone.

5. Get a Team Together

Staying healthy is a team effort. See if you can get a group of coworkers to join you in a brief 15-25 minute workout break.

Maybe you all do yoga, run around the block, or do some jumping jacks to loud music. Whatever it is, the team mentality will keep you on track with your new “healthy-you” mantra. Who knows — maybe your boss will be into it too, and hire a trainer to come in and guide the group! It will improve morale and boost productivity, after all.

6. Bring Nuts and Carrots

Keep them on your desk or in your pocket and snack on them when you start to feel lethargic.

Natural sugars and healthy proteins will compliment your new healthful agenda and keep you more concentrated on your projects.

7. Spend Your Energy Wisely

Every time someone or something stresses you out at work, spend a few moments separating from it before you respond.

Stress hormones are what cause the most damage in our bodies, emotionally and physically. They can curb metabolism, and push an adrenaline spike causing you to have a massive energy drop sooner then you want it. So spend a moment letting the tension from that item drip out of your body, and respond from a place of less adrenaline.

Save your energy for healthier activities like the gym or that run you have planned after work!

Now you’re all set to take that fired up new attitude and apply it the New Year by invoking a new you that is easy to maintain from your desk. How do you stay healthy at work? Share with us below!

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