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7 Reasons Yogis Love to Travel

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Have you ever wondered why the Instagram feed of almost every yogi is filled with mostly yoga poses and travel photos? What is it with yogis and traveling?

Here are seven reasons a lot of yogis love to travel, to pack up their bags and yoga mats to explore new places, meet new people, and discover other cultures and traditions.

1. We like to challenge ourselves mentally.

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Traveling requires a great deal of mental strength. When you dive into a foreign land, you’re falling witness to a plethora of new languages, customs, transportation systems, rules, and attitudes. Adapting to new things can be taxing on the brain, but yogis are used to this.

We spend attempting to clear our mind of clutter and increase focus. Travel asks for that same skills of patience, empathy, compassion, and focus.

2. We savor our alone time.

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Many people fear solo trips because they don’t like spending time alone. Not the yogi; she is accustomed to turning inward and asking questions of her truest self. In practicing yoga, we begin to increase our comfort in dealing only with ourselves. This comes in handy when traveling solo, and you find yourself exploring city streets, mountaintops, and quaint cafés all on your own.

3. We yearn to see different walks of life.


In yoga, we practice the idea that everything is connected. The first sutra of Yogi Bhajan’s Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age gives us great inspiration for embracing different walks of life: Recognize that the other person is you. This mindset comes in handy when you’re traveling, and learning to respect and enjoy the traditions of other cultures.

4. We relish in testing our limits.

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Traveling exposes us to a wide realm of new challenges. Navigating flights, trains, hostels, hiking trails, and city streets is no easy feat, especially when communicating in a foreign language. In yoga, we strive to “find our edge,” meaning going just beyond the comfort zone while still having the action be sustainable. By applying this mindset to traveling, we allow ourselves to discover how much we are capable of. Often times, it’s more than we think possible.

5. The simple things make us the happiest.

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Whether it be a hot meal, a beautiful hotel room, or an expansive ocean, there are certain things that make the struggles of travel entirely worth it. Yogis can empathize with this feeling; we spend our yoga sessions paying into every little detail, whether it to be the space between our fingers or the strength behind our navels. In yoga, we learn to take nothing for granted, and this attitude extends into our adventures.

6. We’re constantly looking to learn.

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Traveling is one of the best forms of education. We learn new rituals and taste exotic foods. We hear stories from a hugely diverse group of humans. Yogis are constantly dedicating themselves to a practice, often hitting the mat multiple times a week in order to better understand yoga as a whole. Maybe we read poetry, attend workshops, or watch online videos instructing challenging poses. Regardless, both yogis and travelers have a thirst for knowledge, and so it is not surprise that the two often find themselves in the same body.

7. Nourishing our souls is a top priority.

There are many reasons we look to travel, but perhaps two of the biggest motivations are the desire to relax and explore a sense of self. Yogis understand that self-care is not a trend, but rather a necessary method of ensuring that one can operate to the best of his or her ability.

Both traveling and yoga allow us to nurture and strengthen the soul, making us all-around more compassionate, kind, and open-minded human beings.

Why do you love traveling?

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