There Are Yoga Teachers Making $10k A Month

And They Don't Have Huge Audiences On Instagram... Want To Know How?

7 Reasons To NOT Become A Yoga Instructor

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With the rising popularity of yoga nowadays, it seems like we can't meet a friend who doesn't know someone that is a yoga teacher. But, is being a yoga teacher *really* that great? Here are 7 reasons to not become a yoga teacher…

1) Ego

Why did you want to be a yoga teacher? For serious.

2) "Yoga teacher" Is The New "Gymnast" (Or Comedian)

In truth, we are just human.

3) Sanskrit Is Hard

Really hard.

4) You'll Identify People By Their Dosha / Chakra / Teacher

Don't do that. I'm not kidding…

5) EGO

The greatest teachers are students. Remain one.

6) Yoga Porn

Toe Sox, Equinox, your sweet mind (see #2)… I like Kathryn Budig's take on it: "I'm hoping this look … will help us all remember to look for the beauty where we're so quick to see fault. To be inspired where we want to compare, to love where we want to forget and to feel empowered where we want to shy away."

7) You'll Know Better

To know better is to live better. Are you in?!

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