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7 Reasons and Ways to Detox this Year

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The concept of a detox is a bit of an enigma, even to those who have done research or tried one before. There are so many different ways to detox, so many styles and detoxes from all over the world. It’s hard enough to make the decision to dedicate time and energy into doing a detox, let alone know which detox is the right fit.

But, the truth is, we don’t need to spend loads of money or do any drastic fasts or cleanses to feel great, help our body function optimally, and bring awareness to our health. And detoxing doesn’t have to mean following a pre-prescribed program. Making easy changes to your everyday routine can have huge positive impacts on your health and detoxing abilities.

By practicing some basic yoga postures, we are already kick-starting our bodies' healing and cleaning mechanisms. Add a few small changes in your diet and water intake, and you’re already walking down detox road, honey!

In case you need a little push, here are 7 reasons and ways to detox easily this year, which includes yoga, food awareness, switching to natural products, and limiting stress.

1. Stay Healthy

Fight off colds and infections better! When we are relaxed, eating right, hydrated, and exercising regularly, our immune system can focus its energy on keeping us healthy.

How to Detox:

Drink more water (and less unhealthy beverages). Staying hydrated ensures your body has this vital resource so it can function at its highest potential.

2. Look and Feel Younger

This one can be looked at from all angles — yoga inversions, balanced diet with limited processed junk, and stress release all keep you young inside and out (and we would all be lying if we said we don’t care about staying and looking young!)

How to Detox:

Lower your stress. Being in a state of stress, even at low levels, takes a toll on our bodies in many different ways, so find easy solutions to handle your stress, such as taking a walk around the block when you’re frazzled, turning off your phone for an hour or two, practicing yoga, or doing a guided meditation or deep breathing practices.

Find something you can stick with, and…stick with it!

3. Boost Your Mood, Uplift Your Energy

Eating processed foods, drinking too much alcohol, and not exercising enough all slow you down, both physically and mentally.

How to Detox:

Replace the CRAP with more fruits and vegetables, whole foods, and home-cooked meals, so you know exactly what you are putting into your amazingly beautiful body. Don’t forget to eliminate cigarettes and limit alcohol and sugar intake while you’re at it!

C – Carbonated drinks

R – Refined sugar

A – Artificial sweeteners and colors

P – Processed foods

4. Get a Glow From the Inside-Out

For this one, circulation is key and can be improved by doing yoga poses that get your blood flowing freely, along with eating foods that make your skin glow and your hair and nails strong.

How to Detox:

Clean house. Not just your immediate physical house (your body), but your other house, too. Having years worth of stuff we no longer want, need, or use can be a mental and emotional drag, making it harder to start new routines and get into the mental space of a fresh start.

5. Resolve to Evolve

If health goals are on your to-do list for 2016, doing a detox is a killer way to pump you up and help get you motivated. Pairing some easy detox methods with physical activity will get you feeling fresh and vibrant for a clean start. Go get ‘em, tiger!

How to Detox:

Evolve your cleaning habits, too, and switch to natural cleaners. It’s easy, cost-efficient, and decreases the number of toxins you (not to mention rivers and streams) come into contact with on a daily basis. Try using vinegar mixed with water and lemon essential oil to clean up the kitchen and bathroom instead of expensive, chemical-laden cleaners.

6. Discover New Habits for the Long-Term

Trying something new, such as a 7-day detox, can teach you some new tips and tricks that you may not have thought of before, such as drinking detox water or switching to natural cosmetics.

How to Detox:

Detoxify your cosmetics. The beauty industry does a great job (although this is slowly changing!) of hiding all the nasty stuff they put into makeup, perfume, shampoo, lotions, and hair products. But fortunately, this information is slowly getting out, and people are opting for more natural products to stay pretty and clean, equating to more (and cheaper) options all the time.

7. Learn More About Your Yoga Practice

Diving deeper into the practice of yoga isn’t just about creating stunning shapes with your body or nailing a handstand, as cool as that may be.

Looking deeper into the benefits of the postures opens a whole new door of insight into the practice and why it’s so great for our health. You can probably already feel the benefits of the postures without knowing the “why” behind them, but knowing exactly how they affect our body makes you want to practice that much more.

How to Detox:

Do more yoga! Not a day goes by that I wouldn’t recommend yoga for one thing or another. And while performing twisting asana postures may not actually physically wring toxins out of your liver, practicing certain types of poses definitely helps to keep your body functioning its best.

The more you move, the more good stuff (like blood, lymph, and prana) can move throughout your entire body to maintain full-body marvelousness.

Whether you’re already happy with your health and vitality, or are looking for ways to boost your frequency, small changes can make a huge difference in helping to detox. I hope some of these practical tips and tricks will resonate with you and start you on your own journey to vibrant health.

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