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6 Very Real Ways Yoga Changes You (ILLUSTRATED)

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Yoga has a profound impact on many people's lives. The increased calm, clarity and peace of mind to start, coupled with stronger muscles, leaner limbs and greater flexibility.

There's also the changes that yoga brings to your general lifestyle and over all sense of well being. The further you delve into this practice, the more you will begin to notice these tiny changes creeping into your life and mind.

Here's a light-hearted look at 6 of the funnier changes that yoga may bring you.

1. Your view of what you consider "a fun night out" starts to change.

yoga changes you1

yoga changes you2

yoga changes you3

yoga changes you4

yoga changes you5

yoga changes you6

Almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk – it's all good! PARTY ON!

2. Yoga becomes your top priority, no matter what.

yoga changes you7

No matter who is getting married, or which rockstar is currently in town.

3. Strange things and objects start making their way into your home. Along with ALL the yoga books.

yoga changes you8

You NEED all this stuff. Definitely.

4. You experience random spontaneous bouts of yoga.

yoga changes you9

yoga changes you10

Sometimes you just can't help yourself.

5. Similarly, you are ALWAYS on the lookout for yoga opportunity.

yoga changes you11

Because your instagram feed will LOVE you for it.

6. Your wardrobe changes, drastically.

yoga changes you12

yoga changes you13

At least it's socially acceptable to wear yoga pants out to dinner, right?


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