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6 Things You Should Know About Your Heart

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The heart is at the center of inner development. It is for many of us unchartered territory, and until we directly, with awareness, connect with our heart, this inner “companion” on the journey will not reveal its treasures to us.

When you are in your head, and thinking about the future and past, you miss this essential guide and inner ally, and the inner love and unbound capacity of the heart is not revealed.

When we are speaking about the heart here, we are referring to the inner heart, not the physical organ, even though some of the energy centers of the body overlap with physical organs.

"Gamble everything for love…Half-heartedness doesn't reach into majesty."

Your Heart Loves The Truth

Your heart is the lover of truth. When you love the truth, when you really want to find out what is really going on, with all your heart, and inner strength, and when you are open, you are beginning to get in contact with your heart. Your heart is the silent inner friend that is always waiting for you, always there; it is not bound by the conceptual time and space we encounter in our everyday perception.

Your Heart Is An Organ Of Perception And Sensitivity

Most people live life only from the head. They deaden their sensitivity and overrun their innermost sacred knowing. For the heart to be open and receptive, it is important to allow our sensitivity and to attune ourselves to the subtler and finer levels of our inner being. The heart is a perceptual center, with it's own capacities and it knows directly. Living without your heart, is like living without the essential wisdom and humanness we can potentially express.

Your Heart Closes With Judgment

Most of the time, our heart has not yet learned to be free and spontaneous, and to let go, and we fear hurt, rejection and the demands of our inner critic. Not only that, our heart is bound by approval and disapproval and closes down when we are not appreciated or accepted.

Your Heart Is Infinite

Allow yourself to know that your heart is not limited. And not only is it limitless, but it also has the potential of embracing and feeling all sorrows and joys. Your heart is the embracer of all feelings, whatever you label them, and can learn to tolerate and feel all feelings without being unsettled in it's essential nature.

You Are Naturally Drawn To What You Love (If You Work On Your Fears & Resistances)

Let yourself feel and be in touch with what you truly and deeply love. It requires a commitment to look into fears, resistances, and life choices and to dedicate your life to a larger purpose. Not only that, looking into what you love will allow you to see through some of your own inner misunderstandings and help you become truly aligned to your heart.

The Heart Is Your True Guide

When you are able to let yourself be, in an open way and with not knowing, it is possible to be directly in touch with your heart. This knowing will reveal wisdom and inner insights and can directly teach you and impact you on many levels.

We are nothing short of a miracle if we allow the depth and multi-facetedness that we truly are. It is important that we are open and not keep ignoring our wounds. It is the time to stop ignoring our essential wisdom and bring our unique contribution into the world instead of waiting on others to make the change we desire.

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