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6-Step Self-Care Strategy to Zap the Sunday Scaries

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Sunday Scaries, that pre-work week anxiety that inevitably arrives to interrupt our lovely Sunday plans. How fast it seemed that the weekend came and went and suddenly we’re left staring Monday right in the face. Well the Sunday Scaries, like many overwhelming emotions, only requires some attention and TLC (tender loving care).

Here’s a simple 6-step self-care for this Sunday to help you sail smoothly into the new week.

1. Start Your Day With Gratitude.

Instead of the usual Sunday morning groan, try substituting a quick gratitude exercise. Savor a few extra moments in bed to mentally list off three things that you’re grateful for. Even if it’s as simple as gratitude for the warm bed beneath your body, beginning the day by giving thanks can shift your perspective for the whole day.

2. Phone a Friend.

As you slowly begin your day, perhaps while preparing a nice breakfast for yourself, dial an old friend or family member you’ve been meaning to catch up with. It’s a great opportunity to connect with a loved one and share your updates as well as give someone space to share theirs.

3. Enjoy Some Tech-Free Time Outside.

Switch things up this Sunday by treating yourself to a midday break. Leave your phone at home and take a walk to your favorite coffee shop. Treat yourself to that cookie you’ve been eyeing for weeks and find a nice bench or grassy park to settle in for some quality people-watching time. Feel the sunshine on your face, watch the sky. Even a 20-minute break away from the craziness of the internet can completely refresh your body and mind.

4. Treat Yourself to Flowers.

Go on, you deserve it! There’s nothing like a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten the energy in your apartment and get you ready for the week ahead. In fact, science backs the notion that flowers are uplifting. Specifically, their presence helps release dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. All of which are responsible for your levels of happiness and comfort.

5. Set the Mood With a Steamy Shower or Hot Bath.

The day is coming to an end, how are you feeling as the night is settling in? Grab your phone and put on some music that meets your vibe, perhaps it’s slow and dark, or maybe it’s smooth and upbeat. Whatever you’re feeling, honor that. Trade in the bathroom lights for some candlelight and indulge in a steamy shower or bath.

6. Go to Sleep Early.

One of the most generous acts of self-care you can gift yourself: rest. Show yourself some love by going to sleep a half hour earlier than usual this Sunday night. Your body will thank you for a full night of sleep before beginning a big week!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing; meet your Sunday Scaries with attention and curiosity, feeling into what might be just the self-care you’re craving. And if you feel stuck, try out this easy 6-step self-care routine to have your Sunday off to a better start and finish.

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