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5 Ways to Make Yourself Happier NOW

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Let’s face it. We all want to be happier. We want to feel good in our bodies and energized about our lives. But, instead of looking for ways to realize these feelings are possible now, we make ourselves projects.

We get stuck on the idea of someday—‘someday when I’m thinner,’ ‘someday when I have more money,’ ‘someday with that job…’ These ‘somedays’ suck! Here are five ways to make yourself happier right now!

1. Stop thinking that your happiness is rooted in getting.

This is what I call ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’ Ditch the belief that you’ll be happier when you acquire something. When we have more things, we have more things. It actually is that simple! Research proves this too. Our brain normalizes to a set-point, in spite of external circumstances.

What this means is that when things change in our lives, our brain is literally programmed to return to its baseline! It has even been shown that the belief that getting something will make us happier is false, because of this theory. Happiness is not found in a handbag.

2. Stop. Smile. Repeat.

In the movie “Elf,” Will Ferrell talks about how “smiling is his favorite.”

I’m here to tell you he’s right! Let smiling be your favorite too. Research consistently shows that what we do with our face affects our brain, specifically the neuro-receptors in it. Thus, if you want to feel happy, perform happy! Your brain won’t know what hit it.

3. Look for gratitude in everything.

One of the best practices we can have is a gratitude practice. In fact, practicing gratitude daily can increase your overall being by more than 10 percent. It also keeps us feeling healthier and has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on our friendships and “social capital.”

Simply, establishing a deep relationship with the value of “thank you” serves YOU!

4. Eat real food.

Eat like you give a damn. Again and again, research shows how fluctuations in blood-sugar from imbalanced diets result in mood-swings, irritability, and tiredness. This does not a happy person make! One of the best ways to feel good is to eat with kindness and self-awareness.

Make choices that are nourishing and stop dieting! Then, notice how much time you have to feel good.

5. Tell someone they are awesome.

We’ve all heard the golden rule before: treat someone how you want to be treated. The same is true for our own happiness! Be what you want to receive. If you want to feel awesome, be awesome for someone else. Lend a hand. Give your heart.

I promise, what you get back will rock your (happy) world!

What steps are you taking to find happiness NOW?

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