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5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Goddess

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The cyclical patterns of nature hold such wisdom for us. As we’ve made our transition from winter to spring and are now halfway to summer, there are festivals and rituals which embrace this divine feminine energy.

Beltane is one of those festivals. It is an ancient Gaelic ceremony of rejoicing in the wisdom that a new fertile season brings—fierce feminine energy as represented by the cycle of life.

This new cycle is pregnant with possibilities. What once seemed barren and dead now bursts with life in every bud that emerges from the fertile earth. It is only through harnessing this divine feminine energy that allows for such growth even after the harshest of winters.

Bowing to Nature, Goddess and Self

Beltane’s energy is one that ignites the fire of life existing within all of us. It’s a time to relish in all that is feminine in this world. As we honor her softness, we embrace our own divine feminine aspects. As women, we can practice honoring all that is beautiful within us, and the feminine qualities we bring to the world around us.

Understanding Goddess energy and its shared theme with nature helps us uncover our own true nature as well as our true gifts and abilities. I write this as a suggestion and instruction for myself as well. Perfection is an illusion and we can forget to honor our goddess energy. We forget so that we can remember.

With this in mind, I invite you to be conscious of the following things.

1. You are more than a physical body.

A beautiful ritual to honor your inner goddess and harness her divine feminine energy is to feel her beauty—literally.

While lying in bed on your side, run your hands over the curves of your bare skin. Close your eyes and let your other senses awaken as you focus on the beauty that is your gorgeous female body—your hips, the curve along your side body, the fullness of your breasts. Feel all of the parts of you than make you a woman.

Fall in love with yourself. Maybe even take pictures of those spots that you love because they are the embodiment of feminine energy—places like the nape of your neck, or the side of your breasts. Fall in love with all of it and feel the intensity of your goddess energy.

Remember this exact feeling when you are clothed and feel like criticizing yourself for not being what a woman should be. You are everything a woman should be.

2. Let sensitivity move through you.

As females, we are intuitive. We are sensitive, and our emotions are our gift to this world. It is consciousness begging to be uncovered. Often, we are shamed for being too sensitive or overly emotional. We then find ways to hide our emotions or sensitivities because we feel our expressions are not valued or make us seem weak.

On the contrary, there is so much strength in expressing our emotions. If we allowed our sensitivities to move through us, rather than pushed them away, it is then that we can fully embrace our true feminine nature. We are divinely feminine and the world stands to benefit from our self-actualization.

3. Love your divine masculine counterparts.

It is women who create the safety that enables men to let their guard down. Women reach deep into the softest aspects of man and reveal them to him. She makes a home there and he is then free from his own walls. Loving the men in our lives symbiotically allows for the awakening of our own unrevealed masculine aspects.

We are not enemies or opposites in constant conflict. We awaken one another. An awakened woman can help open her male counterpart to feel his way through a more compassionate existence. Our world is waiting for the emergence of joy and heart-centered guidance.

4. Be inspired by other women.


Embracing our inner goddess allows for the expansion of the collective female experience. ~Nicole Markardt

Women are often taught to fear one another. When we don’t see the universe as abundant, we feel that there is a limit to be reached and that another woman’s light can dim ours. Envy and jealousy are signals that help us know what is wanted within us.

There is nothing to fear. Embrace each other's beauty. Compliment other women and notice when you feel jealous. That is a mindset of lack. Abundant consciousness fosters the idea that THERE IS ENOUGH—enough beauty, enough sensuality, enough sexuality, enough kindness and wisdom. The universe is abundant.  

5. Never close.

Part of embracing our goddess energy lies in remaining committed to an open heart. As women, throughout history, we have been shaken to our core, taken apart, and sideswiped by injustice; yet, we are the symbol of love and wisdom.

Our capacity to love is beautiful. Never stop opening. Embrace your inner goddess. The world needs you. These are practices that may prove to be one of our most worthy endeavors.

I found god in myself 
and I loved her.
 I loved her fiercely. ~Ntozake Shange

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