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5 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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I don't know about you, but I’m totally over winter. I’m surrounded by 5 feet of snow and I am pining for the days of flip flops, capris and beverages on the patio! But what keeps me Zen and focused  even in the coolest days of winter is my yoga practice. I pop on my favorite online studio and I’m instantly transported to sunny dispositions and climates.

So if you, like me, are longing for the warm days, I want to share with you 5 ways you can beat the winter blues and lift your spirits higher than the August sun.

1. Get On Your Yoga Mat

Warm your body from the inside out by doing some Sun Salutes. Sun Salutes celebrate the sun, warmth, and movement, and is really effective in lifting your spirits. Try creating your own Sun Salute by linking some of your favorite poses together with the breath.

2. Try Something New With Your Practice

Check out a different class at your local studio or give a new teacher a try. Try using props if you have never incorporated them into your practice. Whatever you do, just keep your yoga practice solid. When summer comes around, you'd want to be flexible and healthy enough to enjoy vigorous warm weather activities.

3. Try On A New Color

I know this can be scary for some especially if you've gotten so used to wearing your favorite colors and wardrobe items. Like for me, I love black – it's my favorite color and my "mantra" is I will keep wearing black until they find something darker. Ha! However, to lessen the "gloominess" of your days, try adding a colorful scarf or splurge on a new colorful outfit to lift your mood.

4. If You Can Afford It, Go On A Yoga Retreat

Trust me, it’s so much more rewarding then a regular vacation. Yoga retreats are the ultimate act of self-care and love. You can really practice loving yourself and connecting with your higher self on a yoga retreat. You can do one locally or head to warmer and more exotic locales.

5. Think Positive

It's during this time that you can get bogged down with all kinds of crazy emotions; you get cabin fever, you feel lethargic, etc. Just remember winter is on its way out, even if it doesn’t quite seem or feel like it. And then before you know it, spring will be here and you'll be planning out your summer getaways and basking in the warm sun.

So. My best advice? Keep practicing your yoga. It will lift your spirits, feed your soul, and get you ready for sunnier and warmer days ahead!

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