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5 Tricks to Fall in Love with Your Body Type

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If you were to take a quick glance at fashion runways, you’d immediately assume that thin is still in, and that most runway models are the paragon of good health. For most women, a super slim physique is not only unattainable, but a sign of unhealthy behaviors.

Finding the good in your curves is part of being healthy, and also part of having a healthier outlook on your body image. If you’re still trying to figure out how to flaunt your curves, love them, and improve your overall health, keep reading.

1. Realize That Exercise Will Not Change Your Body Type

Even lifting weights, an activity that is often associated with giant, bulky bodybuilders, will not change your body type. Major body shape changes often come with hormone usage, extreme diets, or plastic surgery.

In other words, if you’re going the natural route, your body type won’t change much. So, if you’re naturally curvy, you will keep those curves with exercise. If you’re a naturally thin person, exercise will not make you bulk up unless you decide to go on a weight-gain diet as well.

What exercise will do, however, is give you the best body for your particular type.

2. Eat For Your Body Type

Generally speaking, just about any diet rich in fruit and veggies will be healthy for you.

However, if you’re really trying to optimize both your health and your look, your best bet is to try to look at your caloric intake and modify it so that you’re considered to be at an ideal weight for your height.

3. Get Motivated with the Right Gear

Starting a new lifestyle, as well as a new mindset, can be difficult to do. You might be surprised at how much of an attitude change you can have just by getting a workout outfit that actually makes you feel good about yourself.

Whether it’s something as simple as a nice pair of luxury yoga pants, or a full-fledged designer sports outfit with all the works, a very flattering exercise wardrobe can make you look forward to going to the gym day after day.

4. Focus on Your Body’s Tone, Not Your Body’s Measurements

Some people are naturally going to be bigger than others, and while being skinny-fat may be acceptable for some folks, it’s not healthy. Researchers have shown that the healthiest and most attractive figures are the figures that are toned.

In other words, it’s better to be stacked or jacked than skinny-fat.

5. Seek Out People Who Believe in Positive Reinforcement

Part of loving your own curves is surrounding yourself with positive people who actually reinforce your self-esteem. Sadly, we often find out that the people who hang out with us don’t always have our best interests in mind, and this is doubly true when you decide to start a new diet.

People who are truly positive about their bodies will encourage you to get healthy through diet and exercise, and won’t shame you over your new lifestyle. They also might even join you in getting healthier, cheer you on, and give you important health tips.

Being healthy is not just about eating more salad, or even about pumping more iron at the gym. It’s a holistic goal that involves good diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. In order to approach health the right way, you will need to start by accepting your curves.

Good health is never about getting rid of your curves. It’s about making yourself healthy and happy.

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