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5 Tips for Finding the Balance in Breath

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There are times when we step onto our mats to begin our workouts and we find ourselves scattered, our energy all over, and thoughts misplaced. We can’t seem to find a center to our being.

With that struggle, we find it hard to focus on the moment.

Life seems to get in the ways sometimes; we get caught up in the day of chaos. We seem to never be able to fully shake off the stress and constant mental movement of our daily tasks. It’s difficult to truly have the strength to let go.

Our culture enjoys the hecticness of life, and yet at the same time wishes to be disconnected from it.

We as humans have the ability to find that central balance of being in both realms of modern-day and seclusion. As if we are standing near the ocean, one foot submerged in the shades of blue and our other foot nestled in the warm sand.

Now as we step onto the mat again before we being out fitness routine we must find our focus. Below are some tips to find balance in breath.

1. Clear Your Thoughts

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale. Begin to clear your thoughts and imagine your safe place. For example: I image a lavender field in the middle of the woods.

2. Create a Mantra

Create a mantra for your workout and when you take your breath in, inhale the positive energy you want to embody and exhale anything that no longer serves you.

3. Write it Down

Write down a goal that you want to aim for, looking at the goal throughout the workout will allow you to manifest it through your practice.

4. Smile!

Remember to smile, you should enjoy moving your body and connecting with it.

5. Feel Your Heart

During your workout take a pause and place your hands over your heart, feel it beating beneath your palm. Know that you have the strength to do anything. That you are alive and your body is working hard for you. Find that connection and grow from it.

You can take these ideas and apply them to your everyday tasks. Taking the time to truly find that peace allows you to flourish mentally, physically, and spiritually. Balance comes from the fluidity of movement with each breath.

When you breathe in and out, you are establishing your center.

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