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5 Reasons to Practice Forrest Yoga

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Forrest Yoga is named after an American yoga teacher, Ana Forrest. She created her own modern form of yoga, combining poses similar to that of Hatha yoga and integrating Native American healing elements.

This yoga focuses on breathing, introspection and extended holds of poses with the intent to heal today’s common ailments and restore emotional balance. Below are 5 reasons to give Forrest Yoga a try!

1. Skillful Breathing Techniques

Just like most yoga styles, there is a stress on the importance of having a relationship to the breath. But, Forrest yoga takes this practice even further.

The start of every class has a long segment for pranayama, or breathing exercises. Forrest teachers uses deep breathing, in a specific sequence of repetitions, to create heat in the body. The major focus is to connect the breath to the body, which allows this power to ignite your entire being.

2. Core Work

Forrest Yoga teaches you to connect to your core to find strength and balance. This intense regimen is a compilation of traditional yoga poses held for long periods of time with the addition of dance and acrobatic-like moves.

The vigorous exercise creates a unique heat that targets the core. The heat, the repetition and the long holds help your body progress and go deeper into poses, creates strength, frees up toxins, and allows for ample oxygenation and rejuvenation in your body.

3. Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is the main purpose of this style of yoga. Emotional healing is one of the first steps any new student works on before poses are even introduced. Forrest Yoga helps bring healing to individuals by teaching them to look inward and to work through and understand their feelings.

Teachers use key words and guidance to promote awareness, not only in your practice, but also in your life. It allows space for self-discovery and healing. Forrest Yoga believes in more than just “perfecting” a pose, it's also about exploring, identifying, and encouraging emotional healing to create a better balance in your life.

4. Detoxification

The combination of deep breathing and yoga poses creates heat and oxygenation in the body. This heat works to expel toxins that have been stored in your body.

Holding poses for extended periods increases blood supply to the body, and also aids in rejuvenating body cells and flushing the body of contaminants. The elimination of toxins also helps rid the body of impurities that influence emotions too. So not only is your body getting rid of pollutants, but so is your mind.

5. Sense of Spirit

The Spirit plays an integral role in this style of yoga and is considered one of the four pillars. This emphasis on Spirit is so you are prepared for life’s challenges and you can find and follow your true purpose.

Each class gives you time and a safe platform to connect with your Spirit. You leave each practice with a sense of confidence and authenticity that is beneficial off the mat too.

Is Forrest Yoga for You?

Forrest Yoga has many similarities with other types of yoga, but where it stands out is the intensity of holistic healing — mind, body AND spirit. Forrest Yoga has physically challenging poses, but it will also give you the tools you need to embrace its holistic healing off the mat.

This type of yoga meets each student exactly where they are, as they are. It is uniquely tailored to each person – emotionally and physically – while also providing a safe and sacred place for each practitioner to explore him or herself.

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