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5 Reasons It’s Crucial to Practice Yoga While You Travel

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When most of us travel, one of the first things to go is our yoga practice. Our days are packed with sightseeing, early morning guided tours and late nights out experiencing the local nightlife.

So when are you supposed to fit yoga in your tightly packed day of exploring? You might choose to take a break in the park and set up a spot in the botanical gardens, or on your towel while lying out at the beach, or even find a local yoga studio to pop in for a session.

I choose to practice yoga right as I’ve turned into my room for a break, before heading back out in the evening. I turn on DYY’s YouTube channel, lay down a towel and get in some yoga!

So why is it crucial to maintain your yoga routine while traveling? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Stress Reduction and Relief

Traveling is fun, enlightening, life-changing, spontaneous, eye-opening and all of the other positive things you can think of when you hear “the hidden temples of Myanmar” or “a day of wine tasting in the south of France.”

But…it can also be stressful. Especially when you’ve just gotten off a 15-hour plane ride, haven’t showered for over 48 hours, need to find how to get to your accommodation and can’t speak the local language! A combination of all of these things can cause us to feel a bit out of whack and make us want another vacation after our vacation.

To eliminate these bad feelings, the best thing you can do is tap back into yourself and focus on reducing your stress through focused breathing, stretching and a bit of sweat. It has been proven that yoga boosts immunity, detoxifies, relieves tension, allows deeper sleep and results in better memory through stress relief.

2. Mindfulness

It’s easy to take your trip for granted after a few days have gone by and you still have a few more

to go. The end of your trip still feels like it’s off in the distance, and it may seem like you are spending more time planning your next day than enjoying where you currently are.

Yoga is a reminder to be present, take in everything around us, experience all the emotions we are feeling and turn them into positive energy.

3. Time and Space

If you aren’t solo traveling and you are sharing your room with a friend or a significant other, yoga can be used as the perfect way to either create space or intimacy; depending on what you need, after having been with your travel partner for a few days.

4. Connectivity

We can feel a little bit off kilter when we find ourselves in a new environment with everything coming at us all at once; the smells, tastes, sights and sounds. Yoga forces you to pause for a minute and reconnect to your mind and body. It’s important to feel strong and confident when you are exploring, and yoga does just that.

5. Balance

When you travel it’s very important to maintain a sense of balance. That way you don’t leave your trip feeling exhausted and unhinged. If you are used to practicing yoga at home then cutting it out of your routine while on holiday will take away from the balance you are used to.

Use yoga as a way to feel even and well rounded while traveling. Maintaining yoga while you travel will enhance your experience and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world once again.

If you have any memorable places where you’ve practiced yoga, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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