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5 Practices To Feel Abundant Even If You Can’t Pay Your Bills

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We’ve all been there. For some, it shows up as a tightness in the chest and a lump in the throat. For others, digestion is affected, heart rate increases, and tears start flowing. It doesn’t matter the form, we all know the underlying discomfort of the feeling of lack.

This discomfort is always accompanied by thoughts such as:

  • I don’t have enough money.
  • I can’t pay my bills.
  • I can never get ahead.
  • I messed up again.
  • There’s not enough time/beauty, not enough good guys to go around, and not enough dollars in my bank account.
  • I’m definitely not good enough.

Not enough. Not enough. Not enough. 

These are all legit thoughts and feelings to have in response to perceived lack. But what if there’s a different way to respond to what you consider to be “lack” in your life? (There is.)

What if a different response is the key to not only unlocking your abundance, but also thoroughly enjoying the process of turning the key and opening the door? (It is.)

Shifting Your Perception

In A Course In Miracles, a “miracle” is described and defined as a shift in perception. I hated that definition at first. I wanted a “miracle” that would produce tangible effects in my life — you know, like turning water into wine, and my tiny bank account balance into millions.

I soon discovered, though, that my perceptions – my beliefs and my thoughts – were the foundation of all the tangible experiences I was having. Without a foundational shift, nothing truly powerful or radiant could be built or sustained.

So, I adopted the definition of “miracle” that I once thought I hated and I went to work creating miracles in my mind so that I could create stunning ripples of impact in the world. Here are my top 5 practices to help you feel abundant now – regardless of what’s going on with your finances:

#1: Notice & Generalize the Feeling of Being in Abundant Flow

If you’re not currently feeling in abundant flow with money, look for other areas in your life where that abundant flow is showing up. Maybe you’ve been hitting a lot of green lights on your way to work lately. Maybe fun, new people, that want to connect with you, keep showing up in your world.

Notice the essence of these experiences and generalize this essence to money. Say to yourself, “This is exactly how I want to feel in my relationship with money! It feels light, and easy, and fun.”

#2: Remind Yourself We Live in a Friendly, Dynamic Universe

The reality you’re living now is temporary. Things are constantly shifting. I choose to believe all these changes are helping us all move towards a richer experience of life.

So, in the midst of a money upset, remind yourself that your current situation is temporary and the universe is friendly. Then, hold space for more beauty and abundance to be expressed through you. As Albert Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

#3: Play the Create Game

One of the absolute worst feelings in the midst of a “lack experience” is powerlessness. To remind yourself of the potent power you posses (in any circumstance), make a game out of creating avenues for abundance to flow in. Ask yourself, “What new, fun, and exciting ways can I channel abundance to me?”

For a day or two, experiment with dropping your attitude of self-doubt and life-or-death seriousness and adopt an attitude of playfulness. Keep saying to yourself, with bright eyes and a light heart, “I wonder!” Then, notice the ideas and opportunities that flow into your experience and be ready to take inspired action!

#4: Wish Others Well & Smile

We often think that when we’re feeling stressed or bummed out about something, it’s totally appropriate to be a grump to our loved ones and the people we meet out and about. That grumpy attitude doesn’t just affect others, it also keeps you stuck.

Even if you don’t feel like it, practice smiling at strangers, being polite to customer service representatives, offering compliment to clerks, holding doors for the people behind you, and wishing all you interact with well….even if that person just cut you off in traffic.

#5: Practice Gratitude

No matter how bad you think things are, there is always an amazing number of things going right in your world as well. We can train ourselves to look only at the bad, OR we can train ourselves to appreciate the good.

When you practice acknowledging the positive aspects of your life, not only will your overall sense of happiness increase, but your attunement to profitable opportunities and ideas will be enhanced as well.

How are you inviting abundance in your daily life?

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