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5 Mindful Tips To Achieve a Balanced Life

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When we lean too far into any extreme, other areas of our lives inevitably go off-kilter. Everything has an opposite, and being mindful of the delicate line between balance and excess can help us tip the scales in our favor.

Here are some handy tips to achieve more balance in your life:

1. Set an intention 

The very act of wanting more balance is the first step in manifesting it. Don’t be shy about voicing your needs! Talk the talk, then walk the walk.

Write your intentions on your mirror, and then channel your energy to achieve them; speak, act, and think in terms of moderation. Statements like “I bring balance to everything that I do,” or “Everything in moderation” serve as great daily affirmations.

2. Let your breath be your guide

When we’re not present, we’re not balanced. Being mindful of our breath, thoughts, and living each moment with full presence helps guide us into a place of equilibrium. 

If your emotions or thoughts should drift into the extreme, center them with a deep inhale, taking the time to follow the rhythm of your breath for a few moments, and then encouraging it to level out. Simply balancing your inhales and exhales within is an effective way to encourage balance without.

3. Respect your energy

The first sign of an imbalanced life is fatigue. It’s the body’s way of letting us know that something’s not right.

If you find that you’re relying on caffeine to pep your step, try getting to the root of your energy drain. If the cause is emotional, try counterbalancing the issue with some grounding body movements (Child’s Pose is a great one). If the cause is physical, you can opt for mindful meditation to help bring some balance to the body-mind relationship.

4. Try some yoga

The very definition of yoga is “union”; encouraging the body, mind, and breath to work synergistically. And, of course, the idea of balance has both metaphoric and literal applications in this timeless art! 

The discipline and focus that goes along with a strong yoga practice is balanced by the necessity to be fluid (again, both metaphorically and literally). In the wise words of Bruce Lee, “Be like water.” 

Some great poses for balance are Tree pose, Half Moon pose, Warrior poses, and of course (for advanced yogis) the Headstand.

5. Moderation in all things

At the end of the day, it’s all about who and what you lend your energy to. Are you mainly indoors or outdoors? Introverted or extroverted? Do you eat too much or skip meals? 

Make it your mission to find the level ground in between. The sweet spot that satisfies your needs while inspiring the deep peace that comes from knowing that everything is right in your world.

Our bodies are great at letting us know when things are going off the rails. Whether we’re overworked, overplayed, or simply OVER it, we’re given clear cues to change things up. It’s our job to listen, take action, and enjoy the balance that unfolds.

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