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5 Gentle Yoga Twists To Ease Stress, Right From Your Bed

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It can be challenging falling asleep with life’s worries hanging over your head. Tossing and turning, you become more stressed out then you were during the day!

Sometimes we need to feed our yoga practice from a more relaxed place. On those days, a little gentle yoga in the evenings can be delicious, and what better place to do it then in the comfort of your bed where Savasana can descend into a scrumptious nights sleep?

So, wriggle into your flannel pajamas and sip a cup of chamomile tea. Then grab your lavender eye pillow, pop some jasmine in the scent diffuser, fluff your favorite pillow, and dig into these delicious yoga twists to ease stress before you settle in for the night.

1. Pretty Kitty to Encourage Healthy Digestion

Stress has an immediate effect on digestion, so pamper your entire gastro-intestinal tract with a little squeeze in Kitten Pose.

From seated, bring your knees together in front of your chest and let them both fall to one side. Twist your shoulder over to the opposite side and look down.

2. Twisted Roots to Rinse Out Stressors

Those stress hormones build in your body and can create anxiety. Use Twisted Roots to rinse them out more quickly.

Start reclined, with one leg crossed over the other. Allow both knees to fall to one side and take your gaze to the opposite side. Wring out the last few hours of your day with a good long hold.

3. Eagle Up the Wall for Circulation

Sooth your heart rate with an inversion that also benefits circulation of the blood and lymph nodes around the whole body.

Take Legs Up the Wall Pose, then Eagle your legs loosely. Eagle your arms and allow them to rest over your head in a relaxed hold. 20 breaths (2 minutes) on either side is plenty to rejuvenate the circulation in your arms and legs and to benefit the cardiovascular system.

Stay a little longer with relaxed arms to really calm your mind.

4. Cat Tail to Open Your Heart

Allow your heart the time to open into relaxation. Let go of anything from your day that isn’t going to serve you tomorrow; you cannot change it from bed. Know that the rest will still be there after you sleep, and you will be in better shape to tackle it once you have rested.

Lay on one side for Cat Tail Pose, using your bottom arm as a headrest. Bend your top leg, and pull your knee in front of your belly button — feel free to rest it on a supportive pillow — and stretch the bottom leg back behind you. Stay here, or reach your top arm back to connect to your foot. Let your chest fall open to the sky and relax into it for a delicious heart opener hold.

5. Twisted Bound Angle to Release Your Lungs

Catch your breath after a hard day.

Lean back into a reclined position with your spine resting on your firmest pillow and your knees bent. Let your shoulders fall open on either side; this should open your diaphragm for bigger breaths. Allow your knees to fall to one side to invigorate the lower lungs.

You will want to hold each twist for 2-5 minutes and take a long Savasana before finally relaxing into a deep state of bliss to get a good nights rest. You deserve it.

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