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4 Ways Morning Yoga Changed My Everyday Life

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I did not like waking up early in the morning. I was not cheerful and I needed coffee in order to make words come out of my mouth. I woke up one day smiling and feeling happy, and the next day I would wake up stressed out and irritated.

All that changed when I took a morning Vinyasa Flow yoga class. I chose the morning class because it fit my schedule, but I didn’t know it would completely change me! Here’s how everything changed.

Awakening the Body

When we wake up in the morning, our entire body feels stiff. We drag our feet on the floor and it takes time to awake our body. With morning yoga, our body becomes energetic from the minute we start our practice.

(Small tip: we may not be as flexible in the morning as we are the rest of the day, so if you can’t do your forward bend all the way, don’t be discouraged.)

Positive Attitude

There is nothing better than starting our day full of optimism and positivity. Morning yoga makes us focus on our breathing, which is the center of our whole existence. At the end of our morning practice, quite magically, you feel like you can conquer the world. You feel strong and able to do anything.


Every day we have a list of things to do and a list of worries and concerns in our minds. Morning yoga helps us clear our heads and focus on the important things of our day, letting go of anything that stresses us out.

“Best Version of Me”

What yoga does is help us accept ourselves and bring forth the best features we have in us. With morning yoga, that happens from the minute you start your day after your practice. You are the best version of you!

So although I still like my coffee in the morning I don’t need it anymore. I wake up in the morning and I have yoga to fuel my engine and start my day!

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