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4 Practices To Keep Doing This Year

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In light of that arbitrary thing called “New Years” where we collectively decide to reset our lives and “resolve” to be better (ha!) versions of ourselves, I am offering myself a pass. This year, instead of resolving, I’m remembering. Join me!

1) Make Mistakes

The parenthetical of this practice is that the only real mistake is the one you are not conscious enough to learn from. When I was skating, I had to fall. On our mat, we have to lose our balance. In our relationships, we have to let ourselves be vulnerable enough to hurt. All of these battle-scars do not mean that we’ve done something wrong. Rather, everything we flail and try again we find that we are doing something precisely right. Try thinking of mistakes as ‘vitamins’. Then, take them on! Watch how you grow!

2) Reach Out

We practice asana in a community for a reason—when we are supported we can be ourselves more clearly. Also, together things are a hell of a lot more fun! This year do not forget the people that support you. And, do not forget that you deserve the connection of a loving hand and a loving heart. We all do. “In this life we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love.” Don’t forget to come together.

3) Love

In the words of John Lennon, It’s all you need. And yet, too often our natural state of love seems to feel unnatural. As we over-work and under-nourish our own heart, it can feel harder to find love. Exhaustion?- Sure! Grudges?- You bet! But love?- Love speaks very quietly… Love is something you have to trust. And, we must love from the inside out. In my own life, I’m recognizing that I struggle to love when I’ve lost my practice of self-love. So, this year: Let there be continued love!

4) Practice

We practice so that we are able to actually live. We practice so that when the day arrives and we are needed to really show up we are already there. We practice so that we can connect with the magic of it all. Practice. Have a body that knows how to feel. Have a mind that knows what is true. And, have a heart that knows how to love. This is my wish for all of us.

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