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4 Organic DIY Spa Treatments That Will Leave You Glowing

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It’s the simple things in everyday life that make our lives full of quality, happiness and health. Even though it’s unlikely that we may end up at a spa at the end of each busy week, it’s important we show our bodies love and appreciation on a regular basis. I firmly believe if you love your body and it will love you back!

There are great ways to regenerate and rejuvenate right from your own home. These four recipes are a great way to create a spa feeling, using all organic chemical free ingredients.

Before you get started, pour yourself a fresh glass of water with cucumber and lemon to begin the cleansing from the inside out.

1. Green Tea Facial Cleanser

Green tea has so many health benefits, I could really do an article on this topic alone. Sipping green tea offers numerous health benefits including boosting your metabolism, reducing cholesterol, reducing bacteria in the throat and mouth and it can also produce and calming effect giving the tea drinker a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

As if that all isn’t enough there is more! It has great benefits when used for the purposes of anti-aging and winkles due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also apply it topically to reduce sun damage along side your usual sunscreen of course!

For this facial wash all you have to do is mix green tea leaves in with your everyday creamy facial cleanser. This is a great way to reap the benefits this magical tea has to offer. When you are through take the cooled cup of tea and splash it over your face. This routine is perfect day or night.

  • 1 Cup Cooled Green Tea
  • 1 Green Tea Bag and Contents

2. Coco Sugar Lip Scrub

This one of my favorite at home treatment! And it’s a MUST all year long for soft and sultry kissable lips! Mix the two ingredients and you are all set to use your scrub on you lips. Use your finger to scoop up the coco scrub and gently rub across your lips. You and all kiss recipients will be delighted with the silky smooth outcome of this treatment!

Take a small shallow glass jar or small plastic container add:

  • 1tbsp Organic Sugar
  • 2tbsp Coconut Oil

3. Antioxidant Coco Coffee Body Scrub

This full body scrub will tighten and firm the skin, increase circulation and reduce the signs of cellulite. When in the shower after you’ve washed your body, take generous amount of your homemade scrub into the palm of your hand and exfoliate your entire body rinse and enjoy your hydrated, soft and refreshed skin!

  • 1 cup coffee grounds
  • 1 cup coco oil
  • 1/2 cup sugar

4. Deep Moisture Avocado Mask

Avocado is a great source of Vitamin E and C which will help protect your skin from the elements and build collagen that will keep your skin strong and elastic while moisturizing and reducing inflammation associated with acne or any other skin irritation. Using fresh orange and lemon juice in your face mask will help remove dead skin cells, so the mask will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

  • 2tbs mashed avocado
  • 1tsp lemon juice
  • 1tsp orange juice
  • 1tsp coco oil

Mix all of these ingredients together and using your fingers apply mask to your clean face and let sit for 20 minutes. Using warm water gently remove the mask and pat your face dry and enjoy your fresh baby soft skin!

I hope you all enjoyed these ‘Do It Yourself’ Spa treatments. And keep in mind taking a little time for yourself isn't totally selfish or self involved, you must truly love yourself to able to genuinely transmit that love to anyone else. So, taking time to nurture yourself allows you to be at your very best and provide true love and care in your relationships, family, work and community.

Happy healing!

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