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3 Ways Yoga Makes You A Winner

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I don’t watch football. I don’t even really understand it. I watched the Super-Bowl XL VIII and rooted for Seattle because they practice yoga. Well…that, and I like their uniforms.

Seattle Sea Hawks not only won the super bowl, they killed it with a score 43-8 against the Denver Broncos. You know that the Seattle Sea Hawks won Super Bowl XLVIII because they do yoga, right? Yep, the team members have a regular yoga practice.

They weren’t even favored to win the Super Bowl. Let's grab this fun example to look at how practicing yoga can make you a winner in many aspects of your life.

Here Are 3 Key Ways Yoga Can Make You A Winner

  1. Yoga gives you the ability to survive longer because it makes you more efficient at breathing. Yoga is all about the breath. We breathe shallowly and without awareness or consciousness of the breath. Did you know one of the longest living animals on the planet are whales? Whales have been around for millions of years. They may have even predated humans. They are among the longest living and most prolific species in the world. And did you also know they are conscious breathers? They control and decide when to breathe. We can extend our lives and existence by breathing more consciously. Breathing keeps us focused and aware, these are the keys to successful living.
  2. “You are only as young as your spine is flexible” – You know that’s right! You start to feel old when your body gets stiffer. A regular yoga practice keeps the body moving, flexible, and builds consciousness of how we treat ourselves and others. These are some of the key strategies to being successful at any task you take on. Just imagine how much easier it is to be tackled at the Super Bowl if you are strong, flexible and able to get up faster once you are knocked down. In football, just as in life, yoga teaches us to get up, dust yourself off and start again!
  3. Yoga gives us coping strategies through breath and movement. Mental health issues are on the rise in our culture. We all need coping strategies. As children we are taught how to brush our teeth, tie our shoes and feed ourselves. But we are often not taught effective coping strategies on how to manage difficult situations and consequently, our stress. Coming to our mats and learning the act of surrendering to what is, breathing deeply and stretching our minds and bodies are effective ways to combat stressful lives. Yoga heals our mind, body and spirit.

Spread the word! Yoga can make you better at many things that have the power to transform you and your life.

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