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3 Ways To Tap Into Your Abundance Daily

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Abundance—what a beautiful word—comes from Latin abundantia, meaning ‘overflowing.’

Overflowing is our birthright. However, in a world where scarcity, lack of time, and famine are in the daily agenda, it’s hard to remember that we lucky enough to be born in a state of abundance of time, of love, and of opportunities.

A Lack of Abundance

When you ask people what they think they need to improve their life, ‘abundance’ is an idea that comes up all the time. “I need more time to take care of myself,” “I would love to have more money,” or “I am longing to do what I really want with my life.”

You could translate these into a need or want for abundance of time, money, and opportunities. As I’ve already mentioned though, we were born to be abundant; we just need to stretch our abundant muscles (you can leave your gym membership home) and relearn how to attract prosperity into our life.

I want to share today three proven ways to feel more energised, positive, and become a catalyst of all the good in your life.

1. Be grateful for the little things.

Everybody says that we should be grateful.

Guess what? I am going to join the party say and you should too. However, in order to really feel the overflowing waves of abundance, what you really should do is feel more grateful about the small things you have in your life.

Like my overly fluffy socks—which keep my feet warm at night. Or the sun, that so rarely shines for a whole day in London town. Loose leaf teas—as I really value my tea time as a sacred ritual. The more specific we are with our thankfulness, the better.

It’s all about creating a feeling of gratitude and awe (which we quickly forgot about after second grade). Awe is a really filling emotion. Awe really reconnects us with gratitude and self-love.

2. Trust the process.

We are all big fans of to-do lists, right? They are ultimate way to get things done. Now I am asking you to write not one, but two to do lists per day. Hold your horses—let me explain myself a bit better.

People who create a spiritual practice and connect with a higher self have a big advantage over overly pragmatic people. They know that if they only believe and show up and work things through, the Universe will acknowledge their efforts and pay them back with abundance.

The Universe is such a better listener than we are. So, in the evening, take a piece of paper, and on left-hand side, write your to-do list. On the right-hand side, write the Universe’s to-do list. What would you like to accomplish in four months’ time that you don’t really have an idea of HOW to do?

Well, this all goes in the Universe’s to-do list. That pay raise, those income goals, and the beautiful house by the sea. Own it. Then cut it in half, crumple the Universe’s list and throw it away (I mean, a bonfire would be more theatrical, but the bin is just as good).

Let the Universe take care of it, and focus on everything else.

3. Fake it ‘til you make it.

I always found this saying pretty awkward, because, let’s be honest: faking hasn’t got the best of implications. However, in this case, to prove that you are ready to allow more abundance in your life, you need to start living as if this was already happening.

I do believe in incremental steps, however, so rather than getting a massive debt to buy a mansion in the West Coast, I’d suggest you to start taking longer breaks in nature. Upgrade your bed sheets (seriously, how many of us need that?). Have a massage once a month.

Allow yourself to be that person who screams at the Universe “I am ready, show me what you’ve got.” You will, however, be tested for this, and these are the times in which you have to keep going, show up, and do the work.

We’ve been programmed for most of our lives that “it’s never enough,” that “we should be happy with what we have.” My suggestion is to truly throw everything at it with an open mind and an open heart.

I myself have tried Reiki, reflexology, affirmations, subliminal therapy, meditation, and journaling for this purpose. Now, unfortunately, I cannot tell you which one worked for me, or if they all worked for me (because as you can see I literally went all in).

What I do know is that I was confident I was going to make it, no matter what. This is what kept me going, and this is what has created space for abundance in my life.

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