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3 Ways To Start A Movement

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You’ve heard the saying, “Let’s start a movement.” You might hear a peace activist or someone who wants something to change, enthusiastically announce this saying. What they know is that if you start a movement, the forward momentum causes a chain reaction of even more movement and change.

Nothing stays the same when there is movement- waters clean away toxins when they swirl about, bodies in motion create internal purification and strength, and peace comes when we create it.

How can you “start a movement” in your own life and take advantage of the force of movement?

1. First, State The Obvious: Move

You have to start exercising in some way. There are so many ways to move our bodies and it is pertinent that you do. Pick something and go out and sweat. You can walk your dog, you can play soccer with your kids, or you can run a mile. Just do something!

2. Get Excited About Something

There has to be something that gets you excited. Put your heart and soul into something and see what happens. It could be a good cause, a new idea, or a positive intention. Just do something!

3. Focus

If you are literally burning out all your mental juices with a spinning mind and stress, those first two things on the list are almost impossible to gather the motivation to do. So to begin to MOVE, we must be still. Listen to a meditation CD to calm the mind, pull back on the things that stress you out, or solicit help for those things. But don’t let stress consume you, just do something!

The movement begins with you but spreads to everyone around you like rays of a sun. It is the science of forward motion and it requires that you get up and take a step (or two).

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