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3 Ways to Revive Your Home Yoga Practice

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More and more people are gravitating towards home practices. They are finding immense value and convenience in being able to arrive on their mat and practice without leaving their homes. Of course, a home yoga practice requires another layer of commitment and discipline, but it also adds a depth to your practice.

Once the foundation of your home practice is set in place, adding in additional layers or exercises to spice up your practice can motivate you to get on the mat and deepen your experience. Use these tips to breathe some newness into your home yoga practice and help you align closer to your intention.

1. Jot it down.

Grab a beautiful practice journal and place it next to your mat as you practice. Use it as an opportunity to reflect, record your sequence, and remind yourself of any thoughts, inspirations, or intentions you have.

If you find your mind wandering often, or if you are a teacher who gets stuck in ‘teacher’s mind,’ writing things down can also allow you to release them and bring present-ness into your practice.

2. Love your space.

Create a focal point for your practice. This is the area where you can arrange photos of loved ones, hang inspiring quotes, and invite other objects that center your attention and intention like candles and plants.

3. Open a book.

Collect your favorite meditation, yoga, self-love, and self-help books and keep a few near your practice area. When you are called to a more mental practice, grab a book or let a passage inspire and inform your physical movements.

Share with us in the comments below—what is your favorite kick-it-up-a-notch tip for your at-home yoga practice?

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