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3 Ways to Help You Move Forward When You’re Feeling Stuck

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We’ve all been there. We’ve felt stuck in a job or a relationship or simply in a pattern that we want to change. It is tough and uncomfortable to sit with that feeling — to know that you are somewhere that is not healthy or not a right fit for you. Whatever the case may be, there are many ways to free yourself from that place and move forward on a healthier or more productive path.  Here are three steps to help you soar!

1. Absorb the Feelings

First, you need to slow down and acknowledge where you are right now, even if it is painful to do. Stop running around and avoiding the unpleasant thoughts and feelings. When you are ready to commit to some quiet, introspective alone time, you will then be ready to be more present and aware. Commit to practicing yoga, meditating and just being with yourself.  Acknowledge the pain or discomfort you are feeling, and admit to yourself that you are ready and willing to let go of that negativity.  It takes time, courage and awareness to accept and admit the truth that you are actually stuck. What's important is to move forward.

2. Visualize Where you Want to Be

Accept where you are right now without judgment, but know that you want to be somewhere else. Then, visualize that “somewhere else,” and just keep moving. Take steps with complete consciousness. If you are aware, you can act with authenticity as you are tapped into your own truth. Close your eyes and picture that place where you strive to be.  Really see it, and see yourself in that more peaceful or pleasant picture. Then, you can experience that euphoric feeling of knowing that you are about to step onto a great path.  Acknowledging and visualizing a better place for yourself is a big part of the journey in itself.

3. Make it Happen

Even if we know exactly where we are going and how we want to get there, that’s just the beginning.  There are potential barriers waiting to threaten the beauty that we have visualized or created.  The truth is: It is hard to stay on course.  And, it’s so easy to take a wrong turn and find yourself in a world you never envisioned.  You may look up and wonder how you got there, as if you just stumbled and fell.  But, if you act with consciousness, you will be on the path to becoming unstuck. It’s the lack of clarity that causes the fear and trepidation that make us feel lost.  So, stay focused, acknowledge the change you want to make in your life and then set off with confidence to make it happen.

Make an effort. Move forward!

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