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3 Ways to Get a Fresh Start (That Don’t Involve New Year Resolutions)

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Nothing within you is truly still, just as nothing around you is truly still. Everything is changing at every moment. A flow of constant change, every moment different from the last.

So much will have changed by the time we approach 2015. When people ask me, “What's the best way to greet the New Year with ease?”

I simply come back to three of my favorite tools, which are perfect for the more pragmatic people as well as the “spirit junkies.”

I am not asking you to run in the woods on December 31st chanting naked. However, if that’s your jam, I am not going to stop you. The best way to have a real fresh start is to prepare a solid foundation, and guess what? It does NOT involve resolutions.

1. Decluttering Is Queen

I love decluttering. Whether it’s your physical space or your own beliefs, decluttering is a very powerful form of attracting abundance and rearranging the plans of the Universe.

Cleaning up creates more space around you and in your own mind, allowing you to flow effortlessly rather than attempt to control every single aspect of your 2015. We’re stuck with the idea that we must have a clear picture of our upcoming year, that we already have a plan of action stacked upon ‘what ifs’, personal limitations, and old underwear.

How can we create more space for the new when our foundation is nothing but fear and limiting beliefs?

Let’s jot down all the negative consequences of living our 2015 to the fullest (more responsibility, unexpected outcomes, risk taking), take a deep breath and let them go. And that also counts for old underwear.

2. Forgiving Is King

This takes letting go to the next level. When people ask me how they can achieve their resolutions and goals, I tell them to take one step back and ask themselves: why this did not work the first (or second) time around?

It’s common that we set the goal, and then it gets inevitably swiped away, until the next big date in the calendar—birthday, new year, etc. Something did not quite work one day, and our subconscious somehow starts playing with guilt and blame.

If you really want to ‘exercise more’ or ‘shed a few pounds’, you must forgive yourself for all the times you just snoozed through your morning run or went for takeout on a late night. Think about your biggest goals for the upcoming year, and write it all down.

Done? Great, now tick them all off. Forgive yourself out loud and let it go.

3. Make It Feel Right

How do you want to feel next year? Free, empowered, vital, beautiful? Great, this is a much better outcome than slaving in the weights room or counting calories.

You need to remind yourself of how you want to feel, and keep yourself accountable by having SMART goals (read: Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Time-related). The main obstacle we face in these instances is that it’s really easy to fall off track due to feeling overwhelmed and hitting bumps (for bumps, please refer to point two. Rinse and repeat).

If you are feeling overwhelmed at any time in your journey, just step back, and surrender. You heard me right. Write your goal, give it a date, and then write your next actionable step to take you closer to that goal.

Every single day, I want you to write your goal, and then forget about it. Let the Universe take care of it. All you need to do is keep focusing on the next actionable step. Every day.

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