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3 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Take a Break

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Sometimes we need a break. Whether it's from work, from projects, from social media or the Internet, we are bombarded by information, suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out).

When we take a break from everything—yes, even from yoga—that's when the magic happens.

1. You find your purpose, rediscover your value.

Purpose is not something you find. It is given to you. You define your values, and naturally become more selective in your choices. You receive it from that deeper part of you, and what makes it so special is that it is free from attachment and ego.

It is pure inspiration. It speaks louder than our thoughts. It becomes a direct reflection of the person you are being in each moment. When you give yourself permission to do less, you allow for a new measure of self-worth to arise.

2. You listen to your guts.

Learn that your true nature is to receive. You are made to receive, that's what you are here for. Your only job is to receive the steps that will take you to your purpose, and act on them.

You must let that energy overcome you. You have to accept that there's an energy that flows within us, and sometimes it's okay to be extremely productive, as well as being more contemplative. Clarity is born from that still space inside of you. If you ever feel lost, confused, or uncertain you are most likely looking to your mind or your external circumstances for answers.

You can only know the answers. How? Well, this leads to the third step. The hardest of them all – I warned you.

3. Let go and trust the process.

You have to let go. Surrender. Let your ego go, and embrace the unknown. This month, my mantra is:

I release fear and move forward with courage and trust. I have the power to direct my destiny, now and always.~Fab Giovanetti

Find the courage to breathe into your fear. I want you to stop thinking about being 'fearless' and acting upon it. Otherwise, you'll just be back to your comforting control pattern.

Sometimes things won't make sense, and yes, that's okay. Accept that life is just about this—being a humble student and less of a strict dictator. Get out, lie on the grass, and look at the clouds. Surrender to the beauty within your life.

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