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3 Tips To Keep Your Yoga Practice Momentum While You’re On Vacation

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I committed to a 40-day sadhana (self yoga practice) to usher in the spring and align myself more fully with the catalyst behind my yoga practice. As I was narrowing down start and end dates for my sadhana a handful of holidays, celebrations, and even a special mother/daughter vacation popped up on the calendar.

My vacation, albeit a truly restful and unplugged island getaway, presented an opportunity for me to deviate from my committed daily yoga practice but with a plan, my intention, and a journal to reflect, I followed through on my sadhana and garnered a few yoga on the fly tips for my fellow jetsetters.

1) Adopt An Attitude

If it's fitting for you to stick to your daily practice due to commitment, ritual, or prevention then adopt that attitude. If your yoga practice has felt labored or like another item that you must complete, consider pausing your practice or loosening your daily sadhana.

Whichever frequency you adopt on your next trip, also consider your attitude towards the time you will or won't spend on your mat and commit to making it work or letting go of any guilt or failure if you elect to spend your time relaxing, connecting, and moving your body and breath in other ways.

2) Schedule It In Or Be Spontaneous

Consider the overall energy of your practice and your vacation – should you keep your practice time consistent to match your intention, habit or expectant flow of your getaway? Or will you do best with a spontaneous practice time and location?

3) Invite In Your Atmosphere

There may be elements to your practice that differ from the style and space of your traditional practice. While on a trip, you may need to adopt looser expectations about your practice area — you may be juggling additional distractions and persons, and you may have fewer tools or props for your practice. Consider inviting your atmosphere in by inviting your mother into your mediation practice, hitting the beach with a towel for your asana, or arranging to practice while your travel mates are napping.

Practicing yoga on vacation can be a wonderful experience and an opportunity to explore your practice in a different way. However, it also may not be a priority for you this time around.

Do you incorporate your practice into your vacation? Or do you put the physical practice on hold while on holiday?

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