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3 Reminders for Your Home Yoga Practice

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Part of the yoga process can be to work on self-improvement or working towards certain objectives, like opening and strengthening parts of your body, exploring poses, and moving closer towards your most authentic, most free self.

Naturally, one can feel like yoga becomes a tool for fixing or changing yourself, instead of a way to polish your already wonderful self. Here are three things to remember when you are working on your home yoga practice.

1. Come from a place of self-love, not desired self-change.

It’s a bold suggestion—to be okay with where you are in a pose even when you want to master it, or to love yourself as you are, even though yoga can be a tool for improvement—but try it! Try to use yoga as a tool to further love yourself instead of using it to change yourself.

2. You’re allowed and even encouraged to break the rules.

Don’t forget that you are allowed to break every rule in the yoga book! Your home yoga practice can be a place of discovery, play, and curiosity. Try to frame your practice around these cornerstones instead of filling it with strict and foreboding shoulds and musts, requirements and goals.

3. Your practice is customized to what your body and mind need, so keep listening.

It can take years to open up a genuine dialogue with self, but whether it takes just a handful of months or the better part of decade, connecting with your inner self and your true nature is a worthwhile practice.

Continue to listen as you practice yoga according to what your body needs, and also tune into your energetic and emotional needs. As you figure out and decode your self-language, allow your practice to align with this self-knowledge and awareness.

Do you keep any other personal reminders for your home yoga practice? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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