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3 Easy Ways We Can Help Reduce Factory Farming

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Many of us enjoy our meals without thinking too much about how the food got to our plates. The amount of animal cruelty that exists in our world is astonishing. Farming has turned into a factory-run business in which many animals are tortured as our environment is also grossly mistreated.

However, like me, you may not be ready or interested in giving up all forms of animal protein, yet you may be more than ready to make a positive impact on your health and your planet. You don’t have to commit to a vegan lifestyle in order to live a life with more awareness, consciousness and humaneness. But, if you want to incorporate positive changes into your life while also helping to reduce factory farming, here are three simple ways you can make a difference.

1. Be Aware

Many people prefer to remain ignorant and don’t want to even think about the misery that many animals have to endure before they make their way into our meals. But being informed is part of being healthy. Know where your meal came from; watch some of the undercover videos out there that shed a very dark light on factory farms and don’t be afraid to be well-informed.

Yes, knowledge is power! For me, seeing footage of stuffed, diseased chickens in overcrowded, tiny spaces was enough to motivate me to eliminate all poultry from my diet. However, I do still consume grass-fed meat and other animal products. It’s a personal choice, and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Feel confident that a small improvement in your choices can have a positive impact on our planet. I am proud of the baby steps that I have been taking, and I hope that you walk beside me.

2. Buy Free Range Meat And Eggs

There are many family-run farms and smaller producers who treat animals with dignity and respect. It’s a bit more expensive to buy the products that come from these places; however, it is worth it when you think about the fact that you are choosing to decrease animal torture and increase your own personal health.

While giving up hormone-stuffed and antibiotic-pumped foods, you’ll likely experience an overall feeling of health and conscientiousness. This is a great step to take, not only in living a healthier life, but to decrease the amount of deplorable conditions that exist in slaughterhouses and on factory farms.

3. Incorporate Meatless Mondays Into Your Life

Many people believe that if they are not going to be a vegetarian, then why bother cutting down on their meat consumption. This thinking is so flawed! If everyone just cut out meat one day of the week, millions of animals would be spared — not to mention numerous other environmental benefits that our planet would enjoy.

Baby steps. It’s a wonderful way to start: Just cut meat out of your diet one day of the week. By simply doing this on Mondays (or whatever day you choose!), you will be more present when you’re shopping, cooking and eating throughout all the days of the week.

Living a more compassionate, aware and healthy life doesn't have to mean making immediate and drastic lifestyle changes. Start with small steps that will fit into your lifestyle and feels right for you. Don't underestimate the positive impact that you and your individual choices have; bit by bit, we can all do our part to make this world a better, kinder place to live in.

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