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23 Twitter Wisdoms That Sum Up Modern Yoga Perfectly

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Our modern lives can be pretty nutty at times. And with the advent of social media, it can get even crazier.

But sometimes, "Twitter Wisdoms" pop up that feel super accurate to you… especially when it comes to yoga.

Here are 23 awesome contributions from the Twitter-verse that sum up modern yoga perfectly.

1. Politicians Doing Yoga Can Break the Internet

Twitter wisdoms 1

2. Dance Moves Come Into Yoga on the Reg

twitter wisdoms 3

3. You Understand This Feel in the Extreme

twitter wisdoms 4

4. The White House Even Gets in on the Yoga Action

Twitter Wisdoms 5

5. You See a New Form of Yoga Every Day

Twitter Wisdoms 6

6. Eating is Exercise, Right?

Twitter Wisdoms 7

7. Self-Care is a Must

twitter wisdoms 2

8. You Definitely Stop, Drop, and Yoga

Twitter Wisdoms 8

9. Tweeting in Lizard Lunge, Anyone?

Twitter Wisdoms 10

10. We See Animals Doing Yoga Everywhere

Twitter Wisdoms 9

11. You Know You Wanna Do This

Twitter wisdoms 11

12. This Lady is Your Fitspo

Twitter Wisdoms 14

13. Who You Want to be Fluctuates on the Hour

Twitter Wisdoms 12

14. The Mixture of Coffee and Yoga Can Be… Interesting

Twitter Wisdoms 13

15. Nothing's Better Than Travel, Yoga, and Community

Twitter wisdoms 15

16. Need We Say More?

twitter wisdoms 16

17. You're Always Looking for Some Inspiration

twitter wisdoms 18

18. You Know That Yoga Helps When You're Sad

twitter wisdoms 21

19. Your Pets Like to "Help Out"

twitter wisdoms 22

20. You Know Yoga's Hip When Jay-Z Raps About It

twitter wisdoms 23

21. You'll Do Yoga Anywhere…Really

twitter wisdoms 17

22. Follow the Yellow Brick Road

twitter wisdoms 19

23. And This May Be the Realest Tweet You've Ever Seen

twitter wisdoms 20

What awesome Twitter quips have you seen? Share them with us in the comments below!

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