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22 Funny Photos Anyone With Sisters Can Relate To

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If you have a sister, then you have a friend for life. But more than that, you have a lifetime of experiences that people without sisters simply do not understand. Part best friend, part worst enemy, she’s always been by your side—whether you wanted her there or not.

If you have a sister, these pictures will be all too real for you. And if you don’t, take our word for it. This is exactly what it’s like.

1. You grew up competing for attention like:


Yeah she’s cute, but LOOK MOM I MADE UP A DANCE, LOOK.

2. She told your parents you started it. Every. Single. Time.

Oh, just you wait, sis. Just you wait.

3. “What, Mom? I only tapped her!”


. . . anyway that’s what you get for saying I started it.

4. The little one always got her revenge sooner or later.

She looked so sweet and innocent but NOPE.

5. Two words: matching dresses.

Credit: Samantha Allen

So much matching. So much of the time.

6. Growing up before smartphones, sharing a computer was like this. . .


AND you had to get offline when Mom needed the phone, so your internet time was extra short.

7. . . . And this is what happened if she didn’t get off fast enough.

Then you’d get grounded and neither of you would get to use the computer.

8. Your bathroom counter looked like this every day.

YOU STOLE MY MASCARA—oh wait no I found it.

9. How it felt when you spent weeks searching for your favorite shirt, and then she walked out wearing it.



10. But you couldn’t be too mad, because when she bought something cute, this was your first thought.


Just gotta wait till she leaves the house to steal it.

11. Eventually you realize you make the same selfie face.

Well that’s embarrassing.

12.And that you have the same “good side”, so it’s hard to get a cute picture of you together.

Please don’t put that one on Instagram.

13. When she starts dating someone new, you’re like:

13. Dating someone new Credit:

Back off, bro.

14. That someone new had better treat her well, OR ELSE.

Give me his address, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.

15. All you wanted as a kid was for her to go away. But as soon as you move out, you miss her like crazy.

Sorry for all the NO SISTERS ALLOWED signs I made.

16. And you’re pretty much counting the days until you see her again.


17. She’s the only one who knows that your family is secretly crazy.

Oh god, it’s genetic, isn’t it?

 18. Once in a while, you remember something weird you two used to do.


Like how you used to dance together, but always fought about who had to be the boy.

19. When you’re old enough to drunk dial, she’s the first one you call.

20. She’s seen you at your worst, so you know she’ll never judge you.


Okay, she’ll judge a little bit. But not much.

21. Because she’s your sister and she has to love you.


That’s what Mom always said.

22. And you just don’t know what you’d do without her.

Because having a sister is the actual best.

Tag your sister if this is pretty much your life!

Image credit: Paige Rene

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