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21 Hilarious Tweets About Yoga

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If there’s one thing yogis get teased about, it’s our so-called lack of humor. So what if we’re serious about our daily practice and commitment to overall wellness? That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good yoga-based joke!

Check out these tweets that prove that yoga isn’t just good for your mind and body—sometimes it’s good for a laugh, too.

1. Savasan-aww yeah!

2. Oh, there’s a name for what I’ve been doing.

3. This one is a little too real.

4. Way waaay better than the original

5. What, it totally counts!

6. Someone alert Jay-Z to this missed follow-up opportunity.

7. I definitely haven’t done that. . . *Nervous laughter*

8. The favorite pose of beer lovers everywhere.

9. “Where the F*** Did My Service Go” Pose.

10. Does anyone NOT want to be a unicorn?

11. Can we PLEASE just skip to Savasana?

12. Why does this make me feel so inspired?

13. Truth.

14. Everyone’s a comedian.

15. ME.

16. If dads made yoga jokes.

17. Namaste, or should I go?

18. Protective gear for the enlightened ones.

19. I see your Salt Bae and raise you a Yoga Bae.

20. Shout out to all the fit and disciplined yogis.

21. Oh, I see what you did there.

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